A look at RESULTS campaigns in 2021

January 12, 2021
by Colin Puzo Smith, Director of Expansion and Communications

As RESULTS kicks off our First 100 Days campaign, we’ll be pushing right away for more COVID relief that’s so desperately needed in this country and around the world.

But we won’t be content with just a short-term emergency response. Poverty, structural racism, and global inequality were crises long before the pandemic. The first 100 days will help decide which trajectory we get on – one that goes back to “normal” after the pandemic, or one that actually builds with equity and justice.

As we always have, we’re asking ourselves: what’s driving poverty in this country and around the world? And where can government investment and policies make a difference right now? What role should the U.S. Congress play? That’s where our nonpartisan grassroots advocacy movement comes in.

We’ll be working on big, ambitious policy changes and new investments focused on housing, tax policy, the racial wealth divide, nutrition, education, and global health. All of our campaigns are grounded in equity, prioritizing policies that help undo structural racism and that focus on the communities that have been most marginalized.

We’re not waiting around to see what policymakers decide to do in 2021. RESULTS volunteers will kick off the year by working to meet with every single U.S. Senate office and three-quarters of the House.

We’ll get in there right away to help set a bold agenda against poverty and oppression.

Here’s a look at what’s on that agenda:

This campaign overview is just a start. Stay tuned for detailed policy briefs and background reading, campaign overview videos, updated statistics, materials to share with members of Congress, and all the tools you’ll need to take action.

Photo by Eric Rothermel on Unsplash

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