100 days, 100 senators, 50 states – helping set a new agenda against poverty.

May 5, 2021

With a new Congress and Administration in Washington this year, RESULTS wasn’t waiting around. As policymakers started their first 100 days in office, our movement of advocates set out to meet with members of Congress across the country and across the political spectrum.

Coast to coast, RESULTS advocates delivered, helping Congress set a new agenda against poverty. RESULTS secured more than 300 meetings with Congress, including reaching all 100 Senate offices in 100 days.

First 100 Days Map
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Through those meetings, RESULTS volunteers helped secure $11 billion for the global COVID response. They then got record-high bipartisan congressional support to boost funding on global health and education even further. They helped secure key emergency provisions in the COVID relief deal that are part of cutting child poverty in half in the United States. And now they’re pushing to make some of those key emergency provisions permanent.

Perhaps most importantly, this first 100 days helped set a new baseline for ambition in Washington, building relationships across the political spectrum and pushing policymakers toward not just what’s possible in an emergency, but what’s needed for real, transformational change.

We aren’t slowing down now. RESULTS advocacy isn’t about one-off quick mobilization; it’s about relationship building, working one-on-one with congressional staff, getting to know representatives and senators personally, and the deep bipartisan advocacy that can lead to lasting change.

We’ll build on these first 100 days, pushing Congress toward policies that actively undo the forces of racism, colonialism, and oppression that drive poverty and injustice. We will keep making sure policymakers understand that poverty was a crisis long before the pandemic – and making sure they do what it takes to bring it to an end.

Stories from the First 100 Days Campaign

Jacoby Gonzales
Jacoby Gonzales

“When we push for changes to policies through advocacy, our impact is often multiplied many times over.”

Hwa Young Lee
Hwa Young Lee

“I want to be part of the solution because we need to keep our congressional leaders accountable.”

First 100 Days Kickoff
First 100 Days Kickoff

“The first hundred days will set a marker for the next four years, and RESULTS is such a great example of advocacy.”

“From all the meetings with our members of Congress this year, what struck me the most was how quickly we were able to personally connect with them. Before getting involved with RESULTS, I didn’t think I’d be able to easily speak with members of Congress. I thought, “Why will they care about what I have to say?” However, the training RESULTS provides made me feel confident, and helped me give a voice to our issues, and help me use that voice to effectively advocate for positive legislation and action.”
– Courtney Cohen, San Diego, CA

“In meetings with our congressional aides, I have found many opportunities to share my struggles with food and housing insecurity. Telling my story is rewarding when I see the aides’ responses. You can see the fire come from them as their passion for our causes grows. RESULTS is fighting for really basic human needs, and often the aides can’t deny their weight. Through stories they are brought face-to-face face with other human beings who are struggling, and that’s powerful.
Another representative in my region agreed to meet with my group, so I used that opportunity to bring global appropriations issues to the table. We were able to overcome the lack of response from some offices by engaging with other groups in the region. I even got my boyfriend into a RESULTS group, and in less than a week he scheduled and ran a meeting with a congressional office. He also reached out with our appropriations requests and the member of Congress ended up signing the TB letter!”
– Sarah Izabel, Falls Church, VA

“My first meeting with the office of a member of Congress was something I’ll never forget. The two aides we met with were not only incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about policy – they were very receptive to our ideas and engaged in informative conversations with us surrounding social justice issues and our purpose at RESULTS. It was incredible, and to top it off we heard back a few weeks later that our member of Congress had signed on to all the letters we had presented to him. Reading that email, I was filled with a sense of purpose and pride that I had actually made a small contribution to the issues that are important to me, and I cannot wait to continue this amazing work with RESULTS.”
– Jenna Bradshaw, Oswego, NY

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