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2023 Annual Report

From small-town Alaska to bustling Miami to the storied halls of Washington, DC, RESULTS advocates have shown that raising our voices — in concert and strategically — can move our elected leaders to take action for a more equitable and healthy world. Together, we have inspired members of Congress across the political spectrum, and the White House, to support our antipoverty priorities — to alleviate child poverty, hunger, and the affordable housing crisis in the United States and to accelerate progress in health, nutrition, and education globally. 

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2023 by the numbers


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House members vote to expand
the Child Tax Credit for

16 million


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people with
TB testing and treatment

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A message from RESULTS’ executive director and board chair

Passionate and persistent: RESULTS advocates moved the needle against all odds

In a year of gridlock and hyper-partisanship on Capitol Hill, RESULTS succeeded in building bipartisan support and driving meaningful action against poverty — thanks to your support and to our nationwide network of highly trained, savvy, and tireless constituent advocates who spoke with their congressional offices again, and again, and again.

Over the course of 2023, RESULTS advocates published 589 pieces of media and met with congressional offices 377 times — more than a meeting a day — to demand economic justice in the tax code for families and children, stable and affordable housing, adequate nutrition for children everywhere, and access to healthcare and education for the most vulnerable around the world. A good number of these dedicated volunteers have been with us for decades. Many others are brand new to the work — some of whom live in the 15 congressional districts we expanded into in 2023 — and are bringing newfound passion for citizen activism to Capitol Hill. Advocates with lived experience of poverty also wrote and spoke extensively about the importance of our issues to advance equity. Their expertise remains a driver for our work.

In this annual report you’ll read about the outcome of these actions, but two stand out.

RESULTS’ advocacy helped to spur unprecedented commitments to address tuberculosis (TB), a treatable and curable disease that nevertheless kills more people than any other infectious disease and feeds the devastating cycle of poverty. Our advocates inspired over 100 members of the House of Representatives and a third of senators to write to the Biden Administration and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), calling for the U.S. to take bold steps to address this travesty. And, as you’ll read below, the administration came through with big price reductions for TB testing and prevention, a new research trial, and more.

The administration was able to make these new commitments because it had the backing from Congress, not only in letters of support, but in funding. RESULTS is one of the only advocacy organizations that is deeply engaged in the annual U.S. government funding process. Through this work, we have driven TB funding from less than $1 million per year when we started this work to nearly $400 million annually today — a cumulative $4.7 billion in funding since 2000. A $23 million boost in TB funding in the Fiscal Year 2023 budget paid for the latest breakthrough pledges.

Secondly, our intensive advocacy for a more just tax code in the U.S. paid off. The Child Tax Credit (CTC) is a powerful tool that empowers families to take care of essential needs, from food to housing to transportation. In 2022, getting Congress to agree to an expansion of the credit for families with low incomes was called a “longshot” and even a “non-starter” by many on Capitol Hill. But we were undaunted. Our advocates kept speaking out, educating lawmakers across the political spectrum, sharing stories of hardship and impact, and building bipartisan support. Throughout the year, they kept up a resounding call: expand the CTC to as many struggling families as possible.

By the end of 2023, Congress had taken a huge step: House and Senate leaders negotiated a bipartisan tax package that included a CTC expansion to help low-income families. The bill was taken up by the House at the beginning of 2024 and approved by an overwhelming majority. If fully enacted, the legislation would provide increased support to 16 million children in families with the lowest incomes and, by 2025, would help the families of 500,000 more children lift themselves above the poverty line.

At a time when child poverty has worsened, this victory matters. But it’s not enough, and it’s certainly not where our work ends. With your support, we won’t stop until every child in this country is safe from the trauma of hunger, of housing insecurity, and more. And until every child in the world has access to the nutrition, healthcare, and education that they need to survive and to thrive.

Thank you for the support that made everything in this report possible — and for the support that will allow us to sustain the gains made and drive still greater progress towards a more just and equitable nation and world.

Joanne signature

Dr. Joanne Carter
Executive Director

Kul Gautam signature

Kul Chandra Gautam
Board Chair

$1 into $2,000

Turning 1 into 2,000

RESULTS’ advocacy, in concert with our allies and coalitions, has helped to leverage more than $200 billion dollars for proven, effective, anti-poverty policies and programs since 1980 — and every $1 in donor support has helped to leverage nearly $2,000 worth of impact!

A closer look at some of our 2023 campaigns

MOC meetings map 2023

We helped set an antipoverty agenda with a new Congress

As the new members of the 118th Congress found their way through the labyrinth of legislative processes and congressional offices, RESULTS advocates were busy making connections and building and deepening relationships. In the first four months of the year, they held over 200 meetings with members of Congress and their staff, both in-person and virtually, to educate them about our issues and help set an agenda to reduce poverty. In the process, we secured commitments that, as the year progressed, translated into legislative actions — and ultimately millions of lives transformed and saved. 

Read how RESULTS helped set the agenda for Congress in 2023

We built a path toward ending child poverty in the U.S.

In the midst of seemingly irreconcilable differences in Congress, RESULTS played a key role in building a path for a bipartisan breakthrough to expand the Child Tax Credit (CTC) to families struggling to meet their basic needs. In hundreds of congressional meetings; in calls, emails, and letters to Congress; and in nearly one published media piece a day, our advocates kept economic justice for families front and center amidst shifting political winds. They bolstered CTC champions on Capitol Hill, created new support, identified areas of alignment, and facilitated dialogue between Republican and Democratic leaders.   

By the end of the year, leaders in the House and Senate had negotiated a bipartisan tax package that would provide increased support for 16 million children in families with low incomes and lift 500,000 children above the poverty line. The Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act of 2024 was introduced in January of 2024, and the House approved the bill by 357 to 70 in a remarkable showing of bipartisan support.

Read how RESULTS’ Tax Justice League — backed by hundreds of dedicated RESULTS volunteers across the country — forged progress for a fairer CTC

We helped reduce barriers to accessing tax credits through a free tax-filing service

RESULTS successfully advocated for the creation of a free service that allows eligible taxpayers to file their taxes directly with the IRS. The service, called Direct File, alleviates the onerous filing processes and costs that keeps millions of families from accessing the CTC and other credits they’re owed — money that could help them meet their basic needs, from rent to child care to transportation. RESULTS’ Experts on Poverty provided feedback on the design and implementation of the pilot before it was rolled out to eligible taxpayers in 12 states in 2024. We also cofounded the Coalition for Free and Fair Filing to ensure that the service becomes permanent and is equitable, accessible, and inclusive.

Read how RESULTS is working to make tax filing free and fair

We turbocharged the fight against global tuberculosis

RESULTS helped to unite a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers and the Biden Administration in the fight against TB. At the United Nations High-Level Meeting on TB, held in September, the U.S. and other world leaders signed a new UN declaration pledging to reach 45 million people with lifesaving treatment and testing by 2027. The U.S. also announced a new initiative that includes funding to accelerate detection and treatment in key countries, a lower price for testing and preventive therapy, and more. The historic commitments will help turbocharge the fight against the world’s deadliest infectious disease, which pushes millions of people into poverty each year.  

Read how RESULTS inspired historic commitments in the fight against TB

We protected funding for key global poverty programs

RESULTS’ advocacy in support of key global health, nutrition, and education programs overcame partisan politics to secure much-needed funding. We rallied members of Congress to publicly declare their support for robust funding in separate sign-on letters for the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria; education; maternal and child health, including vaccines and nutrition; and the fight against TB. While the House cut overall foreign aid spending, they protected all of RESULTS’ priorities. A deadlocked Congress pushed final budget decisions into early 2024. In the end, the budget cut foreign aid spending by 6 percent, but our tireless advocacy led to almost all of our priorities being protected — and some were even increased. 

Read how we overcame partisan politics in 2023 and what we’re advocating for in 2024

We laid groundwork for a first-ever federal Renter Tax Credit

In hundreds of meetings and in the media, RESULTS advocates educated policymakers and the public about the need for and benefits of a federal renter tax credit, which would provide relief for the millions of renters facing housing instability and homelessness, similar to how the tax code provides relief and subsidies to homeowners and landlords. Our campaign is informed by extensive research and discussions, including with advocates who have experienced housing insecurity and homelessness, relevant organizations, policy advisors, and academic and legal researchers. We have partnered with the American Bar Association (ABA) and other housing advocates to educate the legal and advocacy communities on how the tax code can help renters. In August, the ABA’s House of Delegates voted overwhelmingly to approve a policy resolution, which RESULTS helped to craft, supporting tax credits that benefit renters.

Watch this video on why we need a Renter Tax Credit and how it would work

We championed better use of U.S. funding for global education

RESULTS championed the READ Act Reauthorization, which would help expand access to basic education for the more than 250 million children out of school around the world by ensuring U.S. funding gets put to the best possible use. The legislation makes our global education programs more effective and increases the focus on literacy and numeracy to ensure children learn the basic skills that are the foundation for future learning. In a testament to RESULTS’ persistent advocacy, the act passed in the Senate with no dissenting votes. We’ll work to push it through the House and over the finish line in 2024.   

Learn more about the READ Act Reauthorization and our advocacy

We partnered globally for even greater impact

Our work to reduce global poverty is amplified by the ACTION Global Health Advocacy Partnership. RESULTS hosts the secretariat for this partnership, which consists of 14 locally rooted independent civil society organizations on five continents driven by a shared mission to ensure equitable health outcomes for all. Through our collaboration, we helped to increase financial commitments for global health from donor and recipient countries and pressed the World Bank to put its resources to the best use to reduce global poverty.  

Learn more about ACTION

Our voices are powerful

RESULTS trains and supports advocates to speak courageously, persuasively, and strategically to Congress, the media, and the public. By realizing their extraordinary ability to be change agents in our democracy, they are making the world a better place.

“Then I realized, I have a voice” 

When the last Child Tax Credit expansion expired at the end of 2021, Sal Vereen’s family felt it. Then Sal became a RESULTS volunteer advocate, shared her story in the media, and discovered the power of raising her voice.

Securing a piece of the pie to fight global poverty

“I would love to be your tuberculosis champion.” When Cat, a RESULTS volunteer advocate from Alaska, heard those words from her member of Congress, she was a little surprised — and inspired.

A powerhouse mother-daughter duo of support for RESULTS

Nancy Gardiner and her daughter Casey have stepped up repeatedly to end poverty through their actions, their donations, and by inspiring others to give, too.

Elevating the experts

RESULTS Experts on Poverty are a cohort of individuals with lived experience of poverty who receive intensive training and support from us to speak powerfully to policymakers, the media, and the public. These leaders are destroying false narratives about poverty and inequity, highlighting the impact of anti-poverty policies, and offering and demanding policy solutions that could make a significant difference. In 2023, Experts on Poverty were featured speakers at press conferences on Capitol Hill, provided feedback to the White House and the IRS on current and proposed policies and initiatives, published commentaries in media outlets across the country, were profiled in articles, showcased in videos, and appeared as guests on podcasts.

Don’t shred the safety net — expand it

By Kali Daugherty

“Lawmakers are threatening to slash the programs that helped my family escape poverty. We should be doing the opposite.”

Many are falling short chasing the American Dream

By Chaila R. Scott, MPA

“Most of us have been given the same directives: go to college, get a good job, get married, have kids, retire […] but in our unequal society, pursuing them can be a big risk that doesn’t always pay off.” 

Don’t let politicians cut housing aid

By Pamela M. Covington

“We all need physical safety before we can do anything else. Without a roof over our heads, that sense of security is impossible. And with two small children in tow, things get scary.”

2023 Donors

Thank you to all our generous donors, including those not listed here. Your support powers our work and impacts the lives of millions of people around the world.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation [pending approval]

Eleanor Crook Foundation [pending approval]

Eclectic Philanthropic Fund of the Southwest Community Foundation

Green Fig Fund

Keating Family Foundation

Open Society Policy Center

Robin Hood Foundation

The Rees Winge Family Trust

The Annie E. Casey Foundation

The Gordon R. Irlam Charitable Foundation

Together Women Rise

Wallace Genetic Foundation

We are grateful for every donation we receive of any size. For space reasons, we are recognizing those who contributed $1,000 or more in 2023.

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2023 Annual Report Financials

FY2023 Total Budget: $13,575,750*

* October 1, 2022, through September 30, 2023

Revenue 2023
Expenses 2023

RESULTS Educational Fund received a “Perfect 100” and Four-Star Rating from Charity Navigator in 2023.

2023 Board of Directors


Kul Gautam
Former Deputy Executive Director, UNICEF

Executive Committee

Lily Callaway 
Grassroots Board Member 

Aaron Carrillo
Grassroots Board Member 

Joanne Carter 
Ex Officio 
Executive Director, RESULTS and RESULTS Educational Fund 

Sam Daley-Harris 
Founder, RESULTS and RESULTS Educational Fund 

Allison Gallaher
Grassroots Board Member

Jennifer M. Koo 
Grassroots Board Member 

Ernie Loevinsohn 
Issues Committee Chair 
Executive Director, Fund for Global Health 

Lynne Patalano 
Grassroots Board Member 

Lindsay K. Saunders
Grassroots Board Member

Jan Twombly 
Finance and Audit Committee Chair 
President, The Rhythm of Business 

Board of Director Members

Pankaj Agarwal 
Managing Director, ReCubed Consulting 

Nikki Eberhardt, Ph.D. 
Professor of Business, Minerva University 

Roger Hudson 
Fundraising Committee Chair 

Scott Leckman 
M.D., F.A.C.S. 

Ashish Bali 
Advisor and Consultant

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