New global targets and commitments to fight tuberculosis

USAID unveils new package of TB funding, research, and policy commitments.

New York, New York, September 22, 2023—Today, at the United Nations (UN) High Level Meeting on Tuberculosis, world leaders agreed to a Declaration pledging new action to fight the tuberculosis (TB) pandemic. Responding to an alarming global increase in TB cases and deaths as a result of COVID-19, governments and partners committed to reach 45 million people with quality testing and treatment by 2027, among other important goals. Access to testing and treatment has long been a major barrier to progress against TB.  

“The outcomes of today’s meeting are an important step forward in the fight for equity and action on tuberculosis. This disease thrives in the oppressive conditions of poverty, and we have thus far lacked the political will to end it,” said Dr. Joanne Carter, Executive Director of RESULTS and RESULTS Educational Fund. “I am heartened by today’s show of global solidarity to end this centuries old pandemic. But the world needs far more funding and specific plans to actually deliver on these goals.”  

Leaders from countries experiencing high TB burdens also formed a new coalition, represented by their Heads of State, to enhance locally led efforts and catalyze an end to TB. Many of these country leaders made bold commitments at the UN, including Brazil, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, South Africa, and more. 

The United States also made a suite of new announcements, including a lower price for both testing and preventive therapy, a new research initiative, incentive funding for countries with bold plans, and a pledge to localize half of its funding in the next four years.  

“As a network of advocates in the United States, we are grateful for this new announcement of the U.S. government’s commitment against TB, which will support country leadership and bolster global access to quality testing and treatment. This issue has strong bipartisan support in Congress, and we are eager to see the U.S. continue to increase its investment and play a central role in supporting country leadership and progress,” continued Carter. 

Earlier this year, more than 100 members of the House of Representatives and a third of the U.S. Senate joined a call for bold U.S. leadership against TB. The bipartisan, bicameral End Tuberculosis Now Act is also moving through both chambers and would cement the U.S. strategy on global TB if enacted.  

“I want to thank our TB champions in Congress, especially Senators Brown and Young, as well as Representatives Salazar, Bera, McCaul, and Meeks, who led the bipartisan letters to the Biden Administration,” said Carter. “I also want to congratulate and thank our grassroots advocates whose unwavering advocacy has kept TB front and center for decision-makers.  We now look to Congress to pass the End TB Now Act and ensure bold funding for this issue in the years ahead.”  

“Today’s declaration and announcements are a sign of hope against TB. But our success will be measured not by announcements, but by funding and action to deliver on them. Directly affected communities, civil society, and grassroots advocates are leading the way, and I hope today will be a turning point in policymakers rallying behind them.” 


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