Working with the Community: Activist Milestone #1

October 22nd, 2009

Host a Table in your Community to Share the Word about RESULTS

A fun way to let people know about RESULTS is to host a table at an event in your community. Many local events allow groups and vendors to set up tables so attendees can browse for different opportunities in their area. This is a very non-threatening way to get RESULTS in front of people, answer questions about what we’re up to, and invite people to sign up for the RESULTS Action Network.


Where Could I Set Up a Table?

  • Festivals
  • Volunteer fairs
  • Community expos
  • Conferences related to social justice


RESULTS Materials to Include on Your Table


Other Items for a Great Table

  • Bright, active pictures from our publications or your advocacy
  • A large framed color print of our logo
  • A table covering that matches our logo’s color
  • Flyers with details on your next meeting
  • A bucket of candy — no kidding! People are always attracted to the tables with food.


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