Working with Congress: Activist Milestone #10

October 21, 2009

Reach a Level of Relationship with Your Member of Congress that Enables 24-Hour Turnaround on Phone Calls

Were you a little surprised by this particular milestone? Anxious to read the steps to achieve it? Well, unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple . . . but it is incredibly exciting.

Reaching a level of relationship with your member of Congress that enables 24-hour turnaround on phone calls is as much a qualitative description as it is a concrete goal. As Sam Daley-Harris has explained, senators and representatives all have go-to people, people they are in regular contact with, people they trust, and people with whom they have tight relationships. Why can’t some of those people be us? It’s not unachievable, but it takes persistence and patience.

However, there is no secret formula to making this happen; no one-time action that will reach this goal overnight. Instead, it is a matter of persistence, patience and seizing the opportunities presented to you. We have given you the tools. By working through Basics 1 through 9, you can create this kind of a relationship with your member of Congress. With time, you will see progress in the depth and mutuality of your relationship with your legislator.


Champion Scale

Our Champion Scale will also inform your journey toward a significant relationship with your legislator. Read how the actions, both proactive and reactive, of your legislators let you know where they are in the process of becoming a champion for our issues. Take some time with your group to evaluate where each of your legislators is on this scale and use that knowledge to plan your next move.


Breakthrough is Possible

At the end of the day, legislators are people, too. They have a million things vying for their attention each day, but they also have issues about which they are passionate. Through consistent, respectful, informed communication, we can build relationships with these “real people on the Hill” and watch them become the champions we need them to be for the end of hunger and the worst aspects of poverty.

Dig in and take action!

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