Training Module 6

March 21, 2016

RESULTS Group Leader Training



Groups and teams are comprised of individuals with a range of values, motivations and intents. These individuals as well as the group or team itself as an entity are energized and motivated when they find meaning and purpose to their work and contributions. One challenge Group Leaders face is sustaining that engagement, renewing that engagement, and transforming it into growth and strength that benefits the group as a whole. The hope and intention are that the Group Leader’s attention to the engagement of the team itself can fuel the group’s energy and productivity be continually re-imagining the dream that calls the team forth.

Furthermore, each grassroots group is part of a region which in turn is part of a larger organization. Collaborating with other groups, regions, and with the larger organization multiplies our impact in order to achieve our strategic goals and have global impact.

Your Learning Objectives:

Group Leaders focus on welcoming and developing new advocates and deepening and broadening the roles and skillsets within the team. This allows for group agility and enhances results and also helps extend the groups influence and impact.

Your Learning Objectives:

  • Identify and practice strategies to sustain and grow the group
  • Apply tools to connect and reconnect advocate to his/her original/ evolving purpose and sense of meaning in this work
  • Recognize and address
    • Shifts in interest of activist or of group
    • Indicators of reduced engagement or interest  (e.g., related to mundane or intimidating activity)
    • Linking assignments as in service of larger, inspiring purpose.
  • Adopt best practices for attracting, joining and mentoring new advocates.
  • Recognize and address
    • The prioritization of growing group membership and commitment.
    • Leading group to expand capability through learning new skills and taking on a variety of roles
    • Adapting leadership approach as new members join team and as team becomes larger
    • As team grows, including members in activities to lead and to build team spirit and celebration of achievements: inspire, motivate and connect
  • Adopt best practices for creating community partnership and working more effectively within the wider organization.
  • Practice building team spirit and celebration of achievements: inspire, motivate and connect

Your Learning Sequence: 


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