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January 1, 1970

August is Congressional Recess — Final week to get face-to-face meetings with your members of Congress.

Image 1Congress comes back to session September 8. If you haven’t met with your Rep. in the past four months or your Senators in the past nine months, it’s time to meet with them. Read more about requests to make on foreign aid reform, the Yunus Gold Medal bill, and Appropriations.

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Great hook for generating media on global education!

Image 2Recently, Archbishop Desmond Tutu spoke to reporters calling on G8 leaders to create a Global Fund for Education. Archbishop Tutu had signed a letter directed at the leader s of the G8 nations urging them to establish a Global Fund for Education prior to the G8 summit. Joining him in signing this letter were fellow Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus and former president of Ireland and noted human rights champion Mary Robinson. By coincidence, all three signers of the letter were awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom on August 12! As some of the most eminent voices in social justice today, their leadership helps underline the need to provide every child with the chance to go to school. Read more about the actions to take today.

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October 17 National Outreach Event: Paul Farmer to headline!

Image 3We are inviting all groups to grow on October 17. Concept: Have a national speaker to draw people to your outreach event on October 17, and to use the time between now and then to prepare for the event. Learn more about this event and how to organize your own event.

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I am also struck by every international public-opinion poll I’ve ever seen, that the number one thing most men and women want is a good job with a good income. It is at the core of the human aspiration to be able to support oneself, to give one’s children a better future. Microenterprise is uniquely designed to empower women because — through the trial and error of its development, going back to Muhammad Yunus’ invention of it in Bangladesh — women are much greater at investing in future goods than the men who have participated in microcredit have turned out to be. And they are also very reliable in paying back, because they are so eager to have that extra help and recognition that microcredit provides.

Secretary of State Clinton, NY Times Magazine, 23 August 2009.

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September 2:

National Outreach Meeting preparation training call — Forming Your Inviting Team and Setting Your Inviting Targets

September 12:

Global National Conference Call

October 17:

National Outreach Event for all groups

October 26, November 2, 9, 16:

New Activist Orientation

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