Set personally challenging goals and achieve them

February 23, 2021

This article is part of Advocacy Basics: Growing as an Advocate.

None of the great social movements of our time occurred until the political will was great enough to demand a shift in public policy. The civil rights movement and the women’s suffrage movement are examples of active, everyday citizens using their ideas and actions to generate the political will for change. This is why it is so powerful to come together as we do in RESULTS, learn individually and collectively how to tap into our passion for justice, educate ourselves about the problems and solutions to hunger and poverty, and hold our elected leaders accountable for real change.

This is no time to go soft on our dreams and goals. First, take a look at our Individual Planning Form. This tool will help you focus on the moves you want to make in the next year as you build your advocacy muscles. If you are working in a group, be sure to share your goals with the other partners; they will be your best resource for inspiration, ideas, and accountability as you move along. Next, take a look at the full sweep of Advocacy Basics that are here to challenge and encourage you. Which goal could be the next bold, courageous, amazing, and new thing you could do to raise your voice, take a stand, and make a difference? Use the form to craft your plan for reaching your chosen milestone(s).

Don’t forget to celebrate your achievements.  Then use the planning form and the milestones to set and accomplish your next audacious and inspiring goal . . . and the next, and the next. . . .

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