Role of the Grassroots Board Directors

March 14, 2024

Grassroots Directors play a vital role in RESULTS, representing our volunteer network on the Board of Directors and the RESULTS Board Committees. These leaders provide an important bridge between the grassroots network, Board, and organization. They connect the Board to what makes RESULTS unique and successful: our passionate and active grassroots advocates.

Grassroots Directors participate in one or two committees in addition to their participation in the Grassroots Directors Committee. They may also be part of the Executive Committee.

Grassroots Directors responsibilities include:

  • Serving a three-year term on the Board.
  • Working with RESULTS leadership to shape the direction of the organization. This includes advising on anti-poverty campaigns and approving budget decisions, operational policies, and strategic plans.
  • Leading or serving on at least one committee, e.g., Executive, Governance and Board Development, Policy and Advocacy, Philanthropy, Finance or Audit Committees.
  • Attending in person the full Board meeting twice a year. These meetings happen twice in Washington D.C. (financial assistance available for travel costs).
  • Participating in monthly meetings of the Grassroots Directors Committee.
  • Helping RESULTS reach annual fundraising goals in some capacity. Examples of assistance include: hosting a fundraising event, speaking at fundraising events, making personal donations, and identifying prospective donors.
  • Facilitating the election of new Grassroots Directors.
  • Being ready and willing to meet the roles and responsibilities of Grassroots Directors.

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