Organize a RESULTS fundraising event

February 23, 2021

This article is part of Advocacy Basics: Working with the Community.

While RESULTS enjoys a wide range of supporters, it is truly the on-going financial support of our faithful activists that fuels the everyday breakthroughs we make in our pursuit of the end of poverty. Your fundraising efforts have made a difference from the organization’s very beginnings, allowing us to navigate economic turbulence and take advantage of in-the-moment opportunities while raising our profile in the community.

Balancing fundraising efforts with a busy advocacy calendar can be tricky, but the hope is that a fundraising event can be an inspiring and fun endeavor, allowing you and your group to educate your community on the issues, expose them to the power of RESULTS, and enlist them as partners in our work.

One way our volunteers fundraise is through a Friends and Family Campaign, which is explained in Working with Your Community: Organize a “Friends and Family” campaign. Another way to successful fundraise is by hosting an event in your community. Most groups new to these events choose to host a house party. This is a relatively small event, where your group personally invites people to attend, you share some light food and drink, and hear about RESULTS’ successful work in a comfortable setting. Some parties include guest speakers or short videos to highlight the importance of investing in RESULTS anti-poverty advocacy. At the end of the evening, you simply ask those in attendance to make a contribution to our work. It’s that simple.

Some of our groups have been doing house parties and events for many years. Some that started as a small house party have evolved into major community events, raising tens of thousands of dollars for RESULTS. The key thing to remember is that even small fundraisers can create great rewards, not just in financial contributions, but in relationships, connections, and outreach to your community.

We have a comprehensive set of fundraising support tools designed to make the execution of a fundraiser as clear and easy as possible.

Your efforts in fundraising helps our organization run steady and strong; thank you for your partnership!

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