Organize a "Friends and Family" fundraising campaign

February 23, 2021

This article is part of Advocacy Basics: Working with the Community.

Much of RESULTS’ work is financed by individual donors around the country and around the world. Part of this success comes from our own grassroots fundraising. RESULTS groups will regularly engage in fundraising activities to help generate funding for our work.

The prospect of fundraising for RESULTS can seem intimidating, particularly in the midst of a busy advocacy year. However, many people have found success in raising funds – and sharing the story of RESULTS — through Friends and Family Campaigns.

Very simply, a Friends and Family Campaign is a fundraising effort based in letter-writing. You appeal to your loved ones by telling them about the powerful work of RESULTS, your passion for it, and how it has changed you. You then invite them to invest in our work of saving lives and ending poverty.

The fundraising efforts of our activists have made a difference from the organization’s very beginnings, allowing us to navigate economic turbulence and take advantage of in-the-moment opportunities, while also raising our profile in the community. Because of this, your willingness to spread the word about RESULTS to your inner circle and invite them to participate financially in our work can be a game-changer that moves us closer to our goals.

We have a Friends and Family Fundraising Campaign Guide that can walk you through the process of executing a fun and successful Friends and Family Campaign of your own, in addition to a full complement of fundraising support tools.

Thank you for considering this meaningful and impactful way of sharing the RESULTS vision and fueling our work together!

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