Global Weekly Update June 14, 2010

June 14, 2010

Fantastic New ACTION Report on World Bank and TB!

The last decade saw an increase in support for broader health sector development in sub-Saharan Africa — but has this lead to improvements in health outcomes? Overwhelming evidence indicates it has not. This report assesses the World Bank and its partners’ efforts to improve TB and other health outcomes using Sector Wide Approaches (SWAps). The findings suggest that SWAps, as currently implemented, do not effectively address the alarming rates of TB in sub-Saharan Africa. The report uncovers a shocking lack of attention to results by the Bank and its partners.

The analysis shows that in order to reduce the burden of TB and other diseases, SWAps must move beyond coordinating aid and focus on measuring and improving health outcomes.

Read a special message to you about this important report.

Aid Without Impact: How the World Bank and Development Partners Are Failing to Improve Health Through SWAps (PDF)

Read the World Bank’s response to Aid Without Impact.

Read ACTION’s rebuttal to the World Bank’s response to Aid Without Impact.

Learn more about the ACTION project.

The Advocacy to Control Tuberculosis Internationally (ACTION) project is an international partnership of advocates working to mobilize resources to treat and prevent the spread of tuberculosis. RESULTS Educational Fund (REF) is an ACTION partner and houses the ACTION secretariat.

Join a Call This Thursday to Learn More about the Currency Transaction Levy

Global health and climate activists are working together to build support for innovative financing for the Millennium Development Goals. This Thursday at 9:00 pm ET, join a call with John Fawcett, legislative director, to learn more about the currency transaction levy (CTL) and upcoming opportunities in Congress.

To join the call, dial (712) 432-3100 and enter code 761262.

IC is This Weekend! Review a Final Checklist Today!

PLEASE read our blog to find out about exciting new speakers, what docs you need to bring with you, what we’ll have ready for you in D.C., and other key background info to make your time in D.C. a success! Get ready to report on your fantastic lobby meetings (also available in Word). And remember to tell Lisa Marchal the dates and times of your Hill meetings and if your member of Congress is attending the reception. She can be reached at (317) 529.5182.

Special June 21 Weekly Update

We will send out a special June 21 weekly update with links to blogs live from the International Conference in D.C.

June 17: Call to learn more about the Currency Transaction Levy. 9:00 pm ET. Call in at 712-432-3100, code 761262.

June 20–22: RESULTS International Conference, Washington, D.C.

July 10: Special Joint Global and Domestic Conference Call. 2:00 pm ET. Call in at (888) 409-6709.

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