Global Weekly Update January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

Global Poverty Campaigns

Weekly Update | January 19, 2015

Take Action in Support of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

Your Gavi Media: Your Words Making an Impact

Over 162 pieces of media! Click to marvel at where media you either wrote or inspired has appeared all across the country, all intended to influence the U.S. administration to make a $1 billion, four-year pledge that would help Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, immunize 300 million more children.

The replenishment meeting for Gavi will take place January 27 in Berlin. As our legislative director John Fawcett has noted, we've "laid it all on the field" at this point. So what's do to now?

1. Finish any media pieces you have still in process and follow up on ones submitted but not yet published.

2. Submit that one last letter to the editor you were putting off by using our handy online action alert, particularly if you live in a state that the infographic indicates hasn't seen Gavi media published yet.

3. Send your published media to your elected officials, particularly if they are new to office and you are building relationships with them.

4. Be ready to react to the replenishment outcomes with our own brand of call-the-world-to-action media.

5. Know that you've done a great job.

Kristof of the New York Times + RESULTS on February 14. Invite Your Community!

Nicholas Kristof, New York Times columnist and co-author of A Path Appears, which highlights changemaking for the common good and highlights the work of RESULTS, will be our guest for a special outreach event on Valentine's Day! Gather the community for this special webinar at 2 pm ET on Saturday, February 14.

Specific details on the webinar are emerging, but we currently have this helpful outreach guide, which includes help for a flyer you can share, tips for inviting, ideas for the meeting itself, follow-up ideas, and other encouragement. This support is meant to help you "set the table" for a great community event. You may also want to note that the A Path Appears documentary series will soon air. Check your local listings for the three-part companion documentary to the book. Since the book mentions RESULTS and the series begins January 26, you could consider inviting your outreach guests to watch the series for general context, noting that the topic of education will be touched on in the February 9 installment of the series.

You can also join us for an encore presentation of Outreach Basics for RESULTS National Outreach Event with Nick Kristof at 1 pm ET on January 21. Click for all the details.

Change the Conversation: Building Support for Global Development – January 28

Tom Black of The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will be joining us to talk with us about how we can build greater support for global development through targeted, tested, and effective messaging. Over the past year, a group of organizations who care about global equity have been working together on The Narrative Project in order to develop more effective messages on global development. By using qualitative and quantitative research and message testing, The Narrative Project has come up with insights and messaging that we can use as advocates to create a broader base of public support for the global issues that we know are so important. Mark your calendars for January 28, 9 pm ET.

To join the online meeting:
To join by phone: (201) 479-4595, meeting ID 27513770

Contact Colin Smith, Deputy Director of Communications, with any questions.

Face-to-Face Meetings with Congress: A Top Endeavor for 2015

Make your plan to book face-to-face meetings with the legislators who will be in office in your district and state beginning in 2015. Let Gavi be on their radar early in the session. Remember – new and returning members of Congress will be filling the start of the 2015 schedule with meetings. Why not make one of those meetings a RESULTS meeting focused on the power of Gavi? Find your legislators through our website, or contact Lisa Marchal, Senior Global Grassroots Associate, if you have questions on how to reach a new incoming legislator.

Note: A recording of our recent trainings on researching your members of Congress will soon be online. Stay tuned!

2015 Group Planning and International Conference

What are You Dreaming of Accomplishing? Use the planning materials provided online and work with fellow advocates to envision and take steps for a fantastic advocacy year. What do you want to achieve? Learn? Change? Plan it, then please submit your plans by February 15.

International Conference Registration is Open. We do things a bit differently at RESULTS.Our conference isn’t run of the mill and neither are we. We don’t just ask for change, we demand RESULTS. Join us in Washington, DC, this July.

Upcoming Events

January 21, 1 pm ET. (Encore edition) Training Webinar: Outreach Basics to Make the Most of RESULTS National Outreach Event with Nick Kristof. To join online, go to To join by phone, dial (201) 479-4595 and enter meeting ID 27334294 when prompted.

January 26. "A Path Appears" documentary series begins. Check your PBS local listings.

January 28, 9 pm ET. Change the Conversation: Building Support for Global Development. Tom Black of The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will be joining us to talk with us about how we can build greater support for global development through targeted, tested, and effective messaging. To join the online training, go to To join by phone, dial (201) 479-4595 and enter meeting ID 27513770 when prompted.

January 30, 1 pm ET. RESULTS Introductory Call.The perfect RESULTS primer. Contact us with any questions and RSVP for the call.

February 9, 8 pm ET. RESULTS Free Agents Call for Global Poverty Advocates. Dial (605) 475-6777, passcode 7378587. Are you a RESULTS activist with our global poverty campaigns, living in a town with no RESULTS group? You are alone no more! Contact Lisa Marchal, Senior Global Grassroots Associate, for more information on this monthly group call.

February 11, 9 pm ET. Training Webinar: Moving New RESULTS Advocates Along the Ladder of Engagement. RESULTS has developed a "Ladder of Engagement" to help us all support one another in deepening our commitment and skill-building toward our collective advocacy goals. Learn more about this helpful tool. To join the online training, go to To join by phone, dial (201) 479-4595 and enter meeting ID 27334410 when prompted.

February 14, 2 pm ET. Special joint national grassroots conference call with New York Times columnist Nick Kristof. A great opportunity for outreach! Check out our online guide that can help you create a super event.

February 23, 6 pm local time/CT. RESULTS New Orleans (Global Campaigns) group start. Fair Grinds, 3133 Ponce de Leon. Would you like to attend? Do you know someone who might love an invitation? Contact Amanda Beals, Global Grassroots Organizer.

July 18-21. RESULTS International Conference in Washington, DC. Registration is open.


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Quote of the Week

Despite horrific headlines about the very real ravages of HIV — and, more recently, Ebola — there is some good news, which we rarely see in the media: namely, that each year three to four million kids who would not have lived to age five a few years back are surviving today. A big reason for this hugely significant increase in child survival is clear: vaccinations.

-Marc Tolo, RESULTS advocate




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