Global Poverty Weekly Update February 25, 2019

February 28, 2019

Quote of the Week

“Americans should know that the Global Fund has saved lives, and the Global Fund has an opportunity to help develop solutions to ending the epidemics [of HIV, TB, and malaria]. We are at a point where we need to invest more to achieve the goal of ending the three diseases as epidemics by 2030. Americans should also know that the U.S. has been taking a leadership role in this, including in the Global Fund, and that that leadership is needed to drive us through to the end.” Read more.

~ Maurine Murenga, Global Fund Advocates Network advocate and Global Fund ~


Don’t Delay in Making Appropriations Requests

Appropriations Requests. We’re in the thick of our work for FY20 with our annual global poverty appropriations memos which can be used to support your spending requests of your members of Congress.

RESULTS annually urges our lawmakers to support issues that build the foundation to end poverty – health, education, and economic opportunity. We must raise our voices clearly and strongly in this process, thus taking action today in setting the congressional anti-poverty agenda.

Check out the comprehensive request memo list, with each distinct memo, on our website.

Use the February Action Sheet to help support your request work.

  • FY20 Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Request
  • FY20 Tuberculosis Request
  • FY20 Child Health and Nutrition Request
  • FY20 Global Partnership for Education Request

And for an online appropriations action you can share with others, click to our action alert.

First “Dear Colleague Letter Open for Signatures. We also have our first ”Dear Colleague” House sign-on letter supporting the Global Fund and PEPFAR. Please complement your appropriations requests by also making the request that your representatives sign onto this letter of influence.

Setting the Agenda Continues

  1. What Do You Dream of Accomplishing? Send in those group plans! It has been incredibly helpful – and exciting! – to read the plans you’ve been submitting for this current trimester. Groups and individual advocates (also known as free agents) are encouraged to dream up record, and submit your plans!

Check out our planning resources on the Outreach and Planning page.

  • Planning guide for both individuals and groups
  • Online form for submission of your plan for the first trimester.
  • A guide on various roles members of your groups can fill.
  1. Reporting is a Key Step. The 116th Congress must hear about our poverty-related priorities so that those priorities become the priorities of our legislators.

Our “Set the Agenda” aspirations, now through April . . .

  • Every group/free agent meets with each congressional office they cover.
  • Every group/free agents has at least one face-to-face meeting with a member of Congress
  • Every group/free agents makes an invitation to a new person to join in a congressional meeting.

Next, report!

Then celebrate by taking a look at the Set the Agenda scoreboard and inspiration page.

Powerful Black History Month Offerings This Week

Black History Month is an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of African Americans, raise awareness about the injustices that still exist, recommit ourselves to our stated values, and work for change. In honor of Black History Month, we encourage RESULTS advocates to immerse ourselves in learning, discussion, and making community connections, such as:

Maurine Murenga Joins Us in March

  • Saturday, March 9, 2 pm ET, National Grassroots Webinar for our Global Poverty Campaigns. We will be welcoming Maurine Murenga, Global Fund advocate and ally of RESULTS. Join at Or join by phone at (669) 900-6833 or (929) 436-2866, meeting ID 510407386. Ms. Murenga’s personal journey and advocacy expertise will make her an undoubtedly captivating guest. You can read her extraordinary bio online.
  • 2019 International Conference Registration is Live! Earlybird rates are in effect. Register today for this special event July 13-16 in DC.
  • The REAL Change Fellowship 2019-20 Class Applications. Check out and share the online application for this emerging young leaders program.
  • Opportunity Shared by RESULTS Canada. On Tuesday, March 5 at 12 pm ET, a webinar with expert HIV/TB advocate Loyce Maturu will focus on the Global Fund, the burden of HIV among adolescent girls, and the powerful opportunity we have for change. You can register online.

Calendar Notes

Next Congressional Recess: Week of March 18

February 26, 1 pm ET. Video Shorts Dialogue. Join RESULTS Regional Coordinator Rachel Azanleko-Akouete for a discussion centered on three short videos: “What does my headscarf mean to you?,” “Place Matters,” and “The danger of a single story.” Join online: or dial either (669) 900-6833 or (929) 436-2866, meeting ID 398056270.

February 28, 2 pm ET. Book Dialogue. Join RESULTS Director of U.S. Poverty Campaigns Meredith Dodson for a discussion of the book, Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Join online: or dial either (669) 900-6833 or (929) 436-2866, meeting ID 398056270.

March 6, 8 pm ET. RESULTS Action Network Community of Practice. Join other Action Network Managers to learn and share best practices for building and managing a local Action Network. Join the webinar at, or by phone via (929) 436-2866 or (669) 900-6833, meeting ID 427674133. You can also join our Facebook pagerequest to join the group listserv, and find resources online.

March 7, 8:30 pm ET. New Advocate Orientation. If you are new to RESULTS, know someone new to RESULTS, or want to become a RESULTS advocate, please join us for our New Advocate Orientation! During this 60-minute live webinar, you’ll interact with RESULTS staff and other new volunteers, learn more about our advocacy model and issues and get information on how to take action and get connected locally. Sign up here.

March 9, 2 pm ET. National Grassroots Webinar, Global Poverty Campaigns. Guest: Maurine Murenga, Global Fund advocate. Join at Or join by phone at (669) 900-6833 or (929) 436-2866, meeting ID 510407386.

March 18, 1 pm ET and 8 pm ET. RESULTS Global Free Agents Webinars (choose one). Join via or, by phone, dial (669) 900-6833 or (929) 436-2866, meeting ID 285681999.

March 21, 9 pm ET. Quiet Leadership. Continuing on the third Thursday of each month up until the International Conference, Regional Coordinator Misty Novitch will host an encore of the book club focusing on learning and practicing the coaching techniques explored in David Rock’s book Quiet Leadership. You can find the syllabus online. Questions? Contact Lisa Marchal, Global Grassroots Manager. To join, go to You can also join by phone at (929) 436-2866 or (669) 900-6833, meeting ID 482992263.

July 13-16. RESULTS International Conference. Grand Hyatt Washington (DC)Check out the information page and register before the May 15 earlybird deadline!




Contact the Grassroots Board Members of the RESULTS Board. Also, you can view the most recently published minutes from Board meetings on the RESULTS website, as well as download RESULTS’ most recent Annual Report.

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