Global Weekly Update August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

This Saturday: Dr. Jeffrey Sachs to Speak on National Conference Call. Don’t Miss Out!

Gather group members, those in your action network, and other community allies who are interested in global health and the end of poverty. Then dial in to (888) 409-6709 a bit before 2 pm ET on Saturday, August 10 to be inspired! During this month’s national call we’ll be hearing from economist Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, a bold champion for the end of extreme poverty. During the call we’ll also have a section where you can share exciting stories about the International Conference. This is a call for everyone. Let’s try to get 400 people on the call.

P.S. Have you heard that Dr. Paul Farmer will be our guest for the national grassroots conference call in September? This call will be held September 14 and will be a perfect opportunity for you to plan a fall outreach meeting, either as an individual free agent or as a group. Who wouldn’t want to gather to hear from a founding director of Partners in Health?

The International Conference Lives On!

Nearly 500 powerful voices for the end of poverty gathered in Washington, DC on July 20–23 for a time of learning, celebrating, advocating, and moving toward a world free from the scourge of poverty. Look for photos, materials, reports, and more in the days ahead. And thank you to those who dialed in to lobby meetings to "be present" from afar, who followed the action on Twitter (search for the hashtag #RESULTSConf), and who sent along advocacy letters to be hand-delivered to the members of Congress.

So, what’s next?

  1. Report on your Lobby Day meetings! We use the information about your meetings in a number of ways; please report before too much time passes! If you have hard copies you want to submit, send them to our office at 1730 Rhode Island Avenue NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20036, Attn: Katja Kleine. You can also scan the hard copies and e-mail them to Lisa Marchal or Ken Patterson.
  2. Follow up on your meetings, both by inquiring about the requests you made and by offering thank yous for both the meetings and for attendance at the Lobby Day reception. Remember that if you don’t follow up on a meeting, it’s like it didn’t happen. Keep building those relationships!
  3. Didn’t get that face-to-face meeting you were seeking with that certain a member of Congress? Take advantage of the long August recess (as well as recesses coming up in September and October) and book a meeting now! Perhaps your senator or representative will be back in your area and can meet with you. We have a goal of meeting with all of our representatives and senators this year. Can you help us get there?
  4. Consider reaching out to your community about your conference experience! Write a letter to the editor (think "Local Advocate Goes to Washington") or gather those in your action network and other allies in your community who are interested in global health and the Global Fund to join the August national grassroots conference call! Dial in to (888) 409-6709 a bit before 2 pm ET on Saturday, August 10 to hear economist Dr. Jeffrey Sachs. When you gather, many of you can share exciting stories about the International Conference; you will inspire others for sure.
  5. Peruse some of the International Conference materials (legislative information, PowerPoint presentations for some popular sessions, etc.) we have online for you.
  6. Save your pennies so you can come to the International Conference in 2014!

An Update on the World Bank Meeting, Appropriations, and Education

  1. Thanks for all your hard work in getting the word out about the recent House meeting with World Bank President Jim Kim! We had a number of representatives turnout for the meeting, even though it was held on the last day of session before the August recess on a day that was already very busy on the Hill. What took place was a round table discussion with World Bank President Dr. Jim Kim, and the meeting provided a great opportunity to discuss how the World Bank is reaching the poorest with necessary funding for targeting issues like health and education.

    Over and over again, members of Congress emphasized how development is integral to economic growth and security. One hopeful outcome from the meeting was the commitment from several members to continue the dialogue with the Bank on how they better support the Bank’s efforts on democracy and development. All in all, it was a solid meeting. Stay tuned for next steps.

    Representatives who attended in person: Bentivolio, Blumenauer, Ellison, McCollum, Perry, Price (D.), Reichert, Ros-Lehtinen, Ruiz, Schakowsky. There were also many aides at the meeting.

  2. We have some new information on the appropriations process and on our education for all campaign. Allison Grossman, Senior Legislative Associate, has posted a blog entry that breaks down House and Senate foreign operations numbers related to our global health, global education, and microfinance work. Additionally, Tony Baker, Education for All Campaign Manager, has written an inspiring entry on what was discussed at the International Conference regarding our global education work and what it means for the advocacy road ahead. Check out these entries and so much more on the RESULTS blog!
  3. The House version of the Education for All Act of 2013 (H.R. 2780), launched during our International Conference, is already up to 20 co-sponsors! See if your representative has signed (click on “Bill Summary & Status” to find the list of current cosponsors) and either offer a thank you or send our bill fact sheet and request that they cosponsor.

Building Our Groups

Leadership. If we really want to realize the RESULTS vision of becoming the “leading catalyst toward a world where poverty no longer exists,” we will need more voices and robust RESULTS groups. There are endless opportunities for leadership in building our movement to end extreme poverty. Advocates can serve as media point people, action network managers, educational outreach managers, community outreach managers, fundraisers, point people to members of Congress, and more. Let’s introduce more people to RESULTS and offer them leadership. We can offer them an opportunity to play an active role in ending extreme poverty. Here are some upcoming opportunities for building stronger groups:

  1. Saturday, August 10, 2 pm ET: National Grassroots Conference Call with Dr. Jeffrey Sachs. Dial (888) 409-6709 to join!
  2. Saturday, September 14, 2 pm ET: National Grassroots Conference Call with Dr. Paul Farmer.
  3. September conference call (final date still being determined) with Sam Daley Harris and Dr. Muhammad Yunus for the re-release of Reclaiming Our Democracy featuring a new forward, information on what makes our advocacy work, and a chapter on Citizens Climate Lobby. We are encouraging all groups to organize book parties for the call(s).
  4. Fundraising. Thank you to all who helped make our Everyday Hero Virtual Dash for RESULTS a success. We raised $1500 and a large group of us ran/walked together (some in costume!) at the RESULTS International Conference! There are still 20 medals left, so we’re extending our deadline to August 15. It’s a fun activity to use as an outreach tool. You can invite some friends to be Everyday Heros with you by walking or running with you somewhere local for any distance, tell them why you fight to end poverty, and then enjoy your hard earned medals! Visit the registration page to get started.
  5. Are you celebrating something wonderful in your life that you are thankful about? A birthday, an anniversary, or just happy the kids are going back to school? RESULTS has a few ways you can mesh your passion for helping people with the joyful milestones of your life. First, consider honoring someone with a donation. We now have Celebration donation envelopes in our DC office to help you make a donation and let someone special know that you have honored them with a gift to help others out of poverty. Second, if a gift-giving celebration is coming up in your life, you can request that your loved ones make an online donation to RESULTS instead of giving you material gifts. Check out Myrdin Thompson’s celebration page as an example where she is inviting her friends to reach a goal of having 44 people donate any amount for her 44th birthday. (Happy birthday, Myrdin!) Contact Cindy Levin, Grassroots Development Associate, if you’d like celebration envelopes mailed to you or help setting up an online campaign.

We are at an auspicious moment in history, when the successes of past decades and an increasingly favorable economic outlook combine to give developing countries a chance — for the first time ever — to end extreme poverty within a generation. Our duty now must be to ensure that these favorable circumstances are matched with clarity of purpose and resolute action to realize this historic opportunity.

— Dr. Jim Kim, President of the World Bank

1. August 10, 2 pm ET. RESULTS National Grassroots Conference Call for Global Poverty Campaigns. Dial (888) 409-6709 to join! Special guest will be Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, and discussion will be about Global Fund replenishment.

2. August 14, 9 pm ET. RESULTS Introductory Call. Heard of RESULTS and want to know more? Join us for this 30-minute introductory call. Contact us with any questions and RSVP for the call. Dial (712) 432-3100, passcode 761262 to join.

3. August 19, 8 pm ET. Next RESULTS Free Agents call for global poverty advocates. Dial: (218) 486-1611, passcode 7378587 (RESULTS). Are you a RESULTS activist with our global poverty campaigns, living in a town with no RESULTS group? You are alone no more! Contact Lisa Marchal, Senior Global Grassroots Associate, for more information on this monthly group call.

4. August 20, 8 pm ET. Media Support Call. Want to be part of the on-going support that’s available to help you reach your media goals? Then this is the call for you! Join monthly for inspiration and ideas to keep you going. Dial (218) 862-1300, passcode 682494 to join this call.

5. August 23, 1 pm ET. RESULTS Introductory Call. Heard of RESULTS and want to know more? Join us for this 30-minute introductory call. Contact us with any questions and RSVP for the call. Dial (712) 432-3100, passcode 761262 to join.

6. August 26, 1 pm ET. Building Bipartisan Champions Cohort Call. Dial (712) 432-3100, passcode 761262 for this special daytime call. This cohort meets every other month to brainstorm ways to move the needle on our issues in more challenging Congressional contexts. This call will feature a special guest, former Congressman Lee Hamilton (D-IN). Call in for insightful remarks and a Q&A session with this legislator who has dedicated his post-Congressional career to cultivating an interest in civil civic dialogue.

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