Global Allies Program: Partners Ending Poverty with RESULTS (June 2022 Webinar)

June 10, 2022

Senator Wicker (R- MS) : “Malnutrition is one of the world’s greatest burdens on public health. It affects millions of people per year, especially pregnant women and children under five.” 

Your past actions were instrumental in getting the bipartisan legislation H.R. 4693 (the House version of the Global Malnutrition Prevention and Treatment Act) passed with 220 Democrats and over 164 Republicans cosponsoring. Here is a list of Representatives who sponsored. If your rep is on this bill, send them a thank you note and ask how we can help them move this legislation forward in the Senate. 

To date, only 9 Senators have co-sponsored S.2956; you can find them listed here. There is no excuse for our Senators’ inaction on this bill which doesn’t ask for more money but makes sure that USAID remains accountable, and reports on outcomes, particularly that the proven solutions to malnutrition (“Power 4”) are reaching the most vulnerable communities.

If your Senator is not yet a co-sponsor of S. 2956,  send a letter to their office today.

 Steps to taking this action:

  1. Think about why malnutrition is important to you. How did you witness malnutrition impact the communities you served during your time in the Peace Corps?
  2. Review the Legislator Lookup function on our website, and find the name of the foreign policy aide. You can email them using this format: [email protected]. If you need any assistance in finding your office’s foreign policy aide, please contact Karyne ([email protected])  
  3. Copy and personalize this draft message to the aide, highlighting why the issue is important to you as a returned Peace Corps volunteer.
  4. Hit send!
  5. Follow up! Contact the office and confirm they received the request, and follow up if you don’t hear back. As a constituent, they owe you a response.

Additional resources:

Thanks in advance for taking this critical action!

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