DFW Sept. Webinar: On the Frontline of Advocacy

September 16, 2020
by Ken Patterson, Director Grassroots Impact


We had a great webinar on Wednesday Sept. 16. Find the recording here and Powerpoint slides (pdf version).

Congress still has not passed an emergency COVID-19 supplemental spending bill, so we must continue applying pressure through our actions. Please take this urgent action today or tomorrow to leverage the media we’ve been working on over recent months.

Take Action: Personalize the message below and send it to Legislative Directors (LD) plus any staff contacts you already have for your senators and representatives

  1. To find the LDs, look up your Senators and Representative in the RESULTS Legislator Lookup tool. Click on the “Staff” tab for each member of Congress you want to send the message to. Find the name of the Legislative Director.
  2. Form the email address of the Legislative Directors using the following formulas:
  3. Personalize the message below with your passion and send.

Draft Message for Senators and Representatives:

Dear ________,

I’m reaching out to you and your boss to plead that you do something to move a COVID emergency supplemental bill forward.

Elections are coming up and millions of Americans and people in poor nations are suffering the direct and indirect effects of COVID-19. If gridlock continues, Americans will go to the polls frustrated and disappointed that Congress can’t even come together around a global pandemic emergency. Where is the urgency when people are so desperate? Where is the leadership?

In the RESULTS/DFW media compilations below you’ll find pleas for action from people from around the nation, and our state. They are calling on you and your boss for leadership and action on a strong COVID-19 emergency supplemental.

Will you and your boss please think creatively about what you can do to break the impasse? Whatever you traditionally do with your party and in your chamber is not working. We see rank and file members of Congress taking action on this, like those who are part of the Problem Solvers Caucus. Can you do something different to pressure leadership to come together to help people in these desperate times?

We need a strong COVID-19 response that includes, among other things, at least $100 billion in emergency rental assistance, a 15% increase in SNAP benefits, and at least $20 billion in international development assistance for suffering people.

Please let me know what your boss is doing to move this issue forward. I will share it with constituents in our network who are anxious for some good news.

Share this action with others that might take it and let Leslye ([email protected]) or Ken ([email protected]) know if you need support in any way.

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