DFW/RESULTS Webinar: Meeting with Congress (Feb. 2021)

February 18, 2021
by Ken Patterson, Director Grassroots Impact

The February DFW/RESULTS webinars were fun. We learned: 1) why meetings with Congress are our most important advocacy tactic, 2) how to schedule a congressional meeting, 3) what makes a good meeting. Then we planned a meeting and did a live practice. It was great! Here are some resources for meeting with Congress:

Recording of DFW/RESULTS February webinar

Slides from the Feb. DFW/RESULTS webinar (pdf version)

DFW grantee experiences you might share during a congressional meeting (pdf version)

RESULTS lobbying resources including: laser talk to request a meeting, draft letter to request a meeting, Lobby Meeting Planning Form, requests for Congress that you can share with them, Congressional Scorecard.

If you want support meeting with your member of Congress, contact Ken Patterson and Leslye Heilig.

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