DFW June Webinar: Call on Senate for a Global Response to COVID-19

June 18, 2020

Without action, COVID-19 will have devastating impact on low-income nations. Disruption of health services for mothers and children is already happening. Food and drug supply chain and made essentials unavailable or very expensive. This webinar details the challenges we are facing and what is needed from Congress. Below is a recording of the video and resources for taking critical action to ensure that the Senate knows that constituents expect a global response to the global COVID pandemic.

Audio recording and transcript and slides for the June 2020 DFW/RESULTS webinar

Take Action:

  • Look up the staff and phone number for your Senator here. Find the Legislative Director (LD), and if available, the Foreign Policy aide. Contact Ken Patterson if you need help finding staff.
  • Use the Laser Talk below to call and email both your Senators’ LDs and Foreign Policy aides. Form their email address with this formula: [email protected]
  • Follow up until you get an answer. Be persistent in your follow up–staff are busy–they actually appreciate you helping them stay on top of your request.
  • Let Leslye Heilig know you’ve taken action.

EPIC Laser Talk: Senate COVID-19 Response

Engage: According to a survey by the US Global Leadership Coalition, Americans agree that the U.S. should have a global response to the global COVID pandemic.

Problem: In low-income countries, COVID is disrupting health services, drug and food supplies, education, and economies. Projections are that the secondary impacts of COVID could set us back 5-10 years on hard-fought progress made on global poverty and diseases.

Inform About the Solution: Additional resources and support from the U.S. could help us protect progress on fighting poverty and avoid extensive human suffering.

Call to Action: Will the Senator please speak to Senate leadership, calling on them for a global response to the COVID pandemic in the next emergency bill of at least $12-20 billion for development assistance, including specifically:

  • $4 billion over 2 years for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria
  • Increased funding for Gavi, the Vaccines Alliance
  • $2 billion for hunger/famine relief with $500 million to address child nutrition and wasting.

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