Black Lives Matter: Solidarity and action

June 2, 2020

As RESULTS Executive Director Joanne Carter noted in her email to the RESULTS network, we recognize the persistent burden of racism and police brutality, especially on Black communities, including our grassroots volunteers, partners, staff, and board who are directly impacted when society fails to recognize that Black lives matter.

Here are ways we encourage you to take action now:

  1. Follow the expertise, leadership, and guidance of Black-led organizations and community networks focused on racial justice, and donate to support their work. In all our advocacy and partnerships, we need to center the leadership of communities most directly affected.
  2. As a RESULTS advocate, you know how to write to the media and push your member of Congress into action. Use those skills. At RESULTS we’re not experts on legislative solutions to police violence or criminal justice reform, but we encourage you to lend your support to local, state, and national organizations that are (Campaign Zero, Color of Change, NAACP, and the Equal Justice Initiative are a few groups working nationally).
  3. There will be a caucus for Black, Indigenous, and people of color within RESULTS to gather and process together on Thursday at 7:45pm ET. This is an informal, confidential conversation reserved for RESULTS advocates who are part of communities directly affected by racism. The meeting will be password protected to provide a safe space. Please contact Yolanda Gordon [email protected] for log-in details.
  4. If you’re new to anti-racism work or want to learn without putting the burden on Black peers, you can join informal conversations Tuesday June 2 at 8:30 pm ET or Wednesday June 3 at 9:00 pm ET via Zoom: or dial +1 929 436 2866, meeting ID: 390106571, particularly focused on the appropriate role for white people in anti-racism. Learn from anti-oppression resources about racism in our interactions and advocacy. This is a short list compiled by RESULTS volunteers (and we have more resources here)

If you have feedback on how else RESULTS should be responding, please let us know.

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