2021 Global Poverty Laser Talks

July 21, 2021

Global Partnership for Education (GPE) 

Engage: An estimated 80% of the world’s school-age children have experienced disruptions in their education due to COVID-19, more than 1.6 billion. Children living in poverty and those from marginalized communities have had it the worst as most still don’t have access to COVID-19 vaccines.

Problem: And even before COVID-19, an estimated 617 million children and adolescents around the world were unable to reach minimum proficiency levels in reading and math, even though two-thirds of them were in school.

Inform: The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) has proven that coordinating resources around country-owned national education plans can make a difference. Since 2002, GPE has supported over 160 million more children to be in school receiving a quality education. And they have been on the frontlines addressing the education crisis created by COVID-19, investing over $500 million in emergency support. Now, more than ever, it’s critical to invest in global education.

Call to Action: (Multiple possible requests)

Senate Request

  • Will the senator please cosponsor the bipartisan Senate Resolution 240 in support of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE)?

House Request

  • Will the representative please cosponsor bipartisan House Resolution 225 in support of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE)?


Global Vaccine Access

Engage: The development of safe, effective vaccines against a deadly pandemic disease less than a year after it emerged is extraordinary. Public investment in science and technology made it possible.

Problem: But few countries have adequate access to COVID-19 vaccines. Currently nine out of ten people in low-income countries will not receive a single COVID-19 vaccination dose this year. So, it is unconscionable for rich countries to hoard the resources from a world that desperately needs them.

Inform According to a recent poll of likely voters, most Americans want the U.S. to step up. When asked if the U.S. should help other countries struggling with COVID-19, if we should distribute vaccines globally, and if the U.S. lead, most Americans, across parties, support all these measures.

Call to Action: We need the president and Congress to show leadership by quickly boosting global vaccine manufacturing and access, compelling companies to share taxpayer-funded vaccine innovation with the world so that everyone will have access quickly.


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