RESULTS Welcomes Lily Callaway and Lindsay K. Saunders as Grassroots Board Members

Washington, DC, September 10, 2020 – RESULTS is excited to welcome Lily Callaway and Lindsay K. Saunders as new grassroots board members, elected by grassroots advocates across the United States.

This year as the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated deep systemic inequities, RESULTS volunteers have pushed forward to support global health, affordable housing, nutrition, and an equitable response to the pandemic. The RESULTS board includes four members elected by that grassroots body of volunteers, serving on the Executive Committee and representing RESULTS volunteer advocates on the board.

“We are honored to welcome Lily Callaway and Lindsay Saunders to the RESULTS board,” said Joanne Carter, RESULTS Executive Director. “As advocates, they have demonstrated a deep commitment to the fight against poverty, and I look forward to working with them on the board to amplify the remarkable work of our grassroots volunteers in a critical time.”

Callaway has been a founding member of the RESULTS Pittsburgh group for almost a year. She has quickly made an impact coordinating meetings with members of Congress, organizing letter writing sessions, and publishing several letters to the editor herself.

Callaway has fought for years to better the lives of others. Professionally, she has spent two years volunteering with hospice patients, completed an internship at the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, helped obtain longer maternity leave for women in her former workplace, and used her data analysis skills to ensure that over 50,000 people had quicker access to medical care.

“I am grateful to join the RESULTS board, and I will continue to work to elevate the voices of the grassroots advocates in our movement. I believe deeply that there is so much power in our voices no matter where you come from,” said Callaway. “What matters is that we all share our stories because there is a place for everyone. Collectively, our stories together can end poverty.”

Saunders has been a dedicated advocate with RESULTS since 2014. She launched a Raleigh, North Carolina group focused on both global and U.S. poverty in 2015, and then relaunched the group in early 2020 with new advocates after returning from working internationally.

She has worked in communications and community outreach for many years. In 2017, she went abroad to do communications and development work with USAID for a year in Zambia, but stayed in touch with the RESULTS community remotely until her return to the U.S. She has published several opinion pieces in the media addressing affordable housing, global health and education initiatives, and more.

“I am excited to bring my lived experience and years of advocacy to the RESULTS board and contribute my knowledge to help shape an organization that has given me so much,” said Saunders. “As advocates, we cannot remain silent as injustices rise. I see an opportunity to serve on our board as sharing a commitment to ensuring equity and supporting even more people to raise their voices.”

As Callaway and Saunders join the RESULTS board, Willie Dickerson and Steve McGee conclude their terms. “We want to express our profound gratitude to outgoing grassroots board members Willie Dickerson and Steve McGee for their leadership and dedication to advocacy in this extraordinarily challenging moment,” said Joanne Carter. “They have represented our grassroots advocates on the board with passion and commitment, always looking for ways to further our movement against poverty around the country and the world.”

Callaway and Saunders join sitting grassroots board members Maxine Thomas and Qiana Torregano, and 10 other independent members of the board. They begin their terms immediately.


RESULTS supports a movement of passionate, committed everyday people using their voices to influence political decisions that will bring an end to poverty. Volunteers and staff multiply their impact through the enormous power of advocacy.

Our movement of volunteers is backed by a staff of researchers, policy analysts, and legislative and media experts. Our shared goal is the end of poverty. We have affiliates and partners across five continents, and a network of volunteers in all 50 states and worldwide. We’re a non-partisan advocacy group comprised of RESULTS Educational Fund, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, and RESULTS, a nonprofit 501(c)4 grassroots lobbying organization.

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Colin Smith
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