New administration rule threatens millions of immigrant families

Washington, DC, September 25, 2018 — This weekend the administration announced a draconian new proposal that jeopardizes nutrition, health care, and other basic needs for immigrant families in the United States.

According to the new rule announced by the Department of Homeland Security, people could now be denied permanent residency if they have accessed federal health, nutrition, or other anti-poverty programs. Joanne Carter, Executive Director of RESULTS, condemned the move by the administration, releasing the following statement:

“Forcing immigrant families to either risk their wellbeing or risk their future in this country is bad policy and simply inhumane. No one should ever have to fear the consequences of seeking medical treatment. No one should ever have to choose between putting food on the table and staying in the country. These changes will punish people who are just trying to survive.

Under the proposed changes, if a person has used key health care, nutrition, housing, or other anti-poverty programs, they could find their application for permanent residency denied. By all accounts, this proposal is already having a chilling effect, discouraging families from accessing essential programs to which they are legally entitled.

This is not only the latest in a series of policies harming immigrant families, but also just the latest proposal that would undermine our country’s most important and effective anti-poverty programs, like Medicaid and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Let me be clear: taking away medical care and food from people who need it is wrong, no matter what. We cannot force people to choose between meeting their basic needs and keeping their families together in this country. The administration must reverse this harmful and inhumane policy. And members of Congress and people across the country should stand up against this or any change that cuts families off from food and medical care.”


About RESULTS and RESULTS Educational Fund:

RESULTS supports a movement of passionate, committed everyday people using their voices to influence political decisions that will bring an end to poverty. Volunteers and staff multiply their impact through the enormous power of advocacy.

Our movement of volunteers is backed by a staff of researchers, policy analysts, and legislative and media experts. Our shared goal is the end of poverty. We have affiliates and partners across five continents, and a network of volunteers in all 50 states and worldwide. We’re a non-partisan advocacy group comprised of RESULTS Educational Fund, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, and RESULTS, a nonprofit 501(c)4 grassroots lobbying organization.

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