New Advocate Orientation

All new RESULTS volunteers attend a one-hour orientation to introduce them to our organization, advocacy, and current campaigns. During the presentation, we will cover:

  • RESULTS Advocacy Model
  • Our Views & Values
  • Overview of Issues
  • Actions that Make a Difference
  • Volunteer Commitments
  • How to get involved!

Throughout the orientation, we will use our RESULTS Advocacy Action Plan to help new volunteers connect their values into action. This is a great tool to use as you get started with advocacy and RESULTS!

RESULTS Orientations

Sign-up here, and you will be sent an invitation to register for one of our upcoming orientations! Orientations are hosted twice a month. You can find upcoming orientation dates by visiting the RESULTS events calendar.

If you have already attended an orientation and want to review our presentation slides, you can download the RESULTS Orientation Slides here (PDF version here).

Questions about the RESULTS New Advocate Orientation Advocate Orientation? Reach out to us at [email protected].


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