Your Voice Is More Important Than Ever

November 17, 2016
by Joanne Carter, Executive Director

In this moment of deep uncertainty, I want to say how incredibly grateful I am for our community of activists and allies. Coming out of the election, it’s clear how divided our country is —  and just how indispensable your work will be to move us forward.

Whatever your political persuasion, I know many of you are still trying to absorb this election and are experiencing an array of reactions. Finding a way forward, even when the path is not clear, has always been a strength of RESULTS. Over the last months and years and decades, your voices have had enormous impact both in stopping bad policies, and in creating good (and often transformational!) ones that have positively impacted millions of lives. Your voice will be even more important going forward.

We now need to commit to advocate and organize with even greater focus to shape national and global priorities and drive the agenda to end poverty. We need to engage and amplify the voices of advocates in all 50 states as soon as possible. And we need to be organizing in a deeper way in all of the communities where we already are. This means building even stronger relationships with members of Congress, and building new alliances in our communities who can work with us to show greater political support for key priorities, build new champions, and play stronger defense where needed.

We cannot wait around: as the Administration and Congress begin defining their agendas for their first 100 days in office, we will have our own First 100 Days strategy. This will include the goal of meeting with every member of Congress we cover in those critical first days so that right from the start we are helping set the agenda.

This isn’t just about creating better government policies, but creating a society that is built for all of us, where justice and equity and dignity are not words we throw around but are principles that define us and shape our national agenda. We have to fight back against xenophobia and racism and sexism and all forms of discrimination in our society and in our policies and shape a political agenda that has this at its core. This work cannot wait, and your voice will be essential to making it possible.

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