Your Phenomenal World TB Day Media Work

March 26, 2013
by Lisa Marchal, Senior Global Grassroots Associate

Our wonderful grassroots advocates have been hard at work inspiring, pitching, writing, editing, and sharing critically important media pieces in advance of and throughout World TB Day. (Please let us know if your piece is missing from this list!)

Read, share, comment, and congratulate — then keep going!

Letters to the Editor

Tampa Bay Tribune, Ken Schatz

San Jose Mercury News, Bob Alders

Dallas Morning News, Martin White

Tacoma News Tribune, Donna Munro

The Olympian, Nancy Curtiss

Seattle Times, Bob Dickerson

The Olympian, Barbara Moore

Bainbridge Island Review, John Freeburg

Miami Herald, Barbara Mihm

Louisville Courier-Journal, Keith Wilhelmi

Cleveland Plain Dealer, Amy Lee

Austin American-Statesman, Anne Child

Bloomington Herald-Times, Steve Arnold

El Paso Times, Donna Munro

Galveston Daily News, Donna Munro

Waco Tribune, Donna Munro


Tacoma Weekly, Phyllis Bjorkman and Luwiza Makukula

Tampa Bay Tribune, Barbara Drake

Indianapolis Star, Lisa Marchal

Houston Chronicle, Beth Wachira

Houston Chronicle, Dr. Jeffrey Starke and Rep. Gene Green

Salt Lake Tribune, Dr. Scott Leckman

The Hill, Dr. Lee Reichman


Miami Herald

Science Speaks

ONE Campaign blog

Huffington Post


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