Write to the media: This budget isn’t just wrong, it’s cruel

May 23, 2017
by Meredith Dodson, Director of U.S. Poverty Campaigns

The White House released its official budget request, and it’s filled with bad news. It slashes the programs that help millions of Americans put food on the table, get access to medical care, and make ends meet.

But our final budget decisions fall to Congress – and they need to know that you won’t stand for this.

Will you send a letter to the editor right now to help stop these cuts?

The budget proposes gutting funding for SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) by almost $200 billion. It rolls back refundable tax credits for many low-income workers. It goes even further than the devastating health care bill passed by the House this spring, cutting additional hundreds of billions of dollars from Medicaid. And so much more.

These budget cuts would mean millions more Americans go to bed hungry or can’t get access to the health care they need. And it doesn’t stop there: confirming what we heard earlier this year, the budget also slashes funding for the fight against poverty around the world.

They say our federal budget is a moral document. Stripping basic assistance from people facing poverty to fund more large tax cuts for millionaires? We must let Congress know that these are not our morals.

Please help make sure these cuts make headlines by writing a letter to the editor. You can tailor our template or – better yet – write one of your own and include your own story about why these investments make a difference. RESULTS volunteers have already fought back against attacks on anti-poverty programs with media in 44 states. Will you add to the list?

We need every voice we can get in this fight.

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