What Americans Think About Foreign Aid

January 26, 2013
by Ken Patterson

ONE went to different parts of the US and interviewed average people on foreign assistance. Most people think we spend between 10 to 70 percent of our budget on foreign aid, and they really don’t know what it achieves. But when provided with a bit of information on how much we really spend (less than 1% of the budget going to poverty-focused efforts), and what this investment it is achieveving, they have a different opinion. What’s particularly striking is how compassionate the average American is around helping their neighbor.

Check out these videos from different parts of the country and share them with others who need to know. Our foreign aid is a highly leveraged investment that makes us more secure (see letter from military leaders to Congress), bolsters our economy (see letter from US Chamber of Commerce to Congress), and saves and improves lives.

Interviews from the West

Interviews from the East

Interviews from the Midwest (below)

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