What can you do? Speak up in the media.

May 13, 2020
by Colin Puzo Smith, Director of Expansion and Communications

Even in the middle of everything going on right now, we’ve heard from many of you asking, “What can I do?”

If you’re ready for advocacy, here’s what we recommend:

Write to the media.

We know it’s the communities already pushed to the margins that now face the greatest risks in this pandemic, both in the U.S. and globally. They can’t be left out of the response. The media is our best way to get that message to Congress.

Things have been moving fast on Capitol Hill – three legislative packages have already passed responding to the pandemic. The House just released another proposal, with new funding for housing, nutrition, and more for people in the United States. But there’s a gaping hole in the bill, leaving out the entire rest of the world.

The legislative path forward is changing day-to-day (you can follow our regular dispatch from Washington), and nothing is final yet. Getting to the media now can help shape what makes it into law.

Here’s where we’re focused at RESULTS:

  • Access to housing and nutrition for low-income people in the United States, whose risks are magnified in the pandemic and economic crisis.
  • Slowing COVID-19’s spread globally, and protecting access to other health services and education for people facing poverty around the world.


Why media right now

In this new reality, members of Congress are cut off from many of the usual ways they hear from constituents. That makes their local paper even more important to knowing what matters to voters.

What we publish now can help back up more specific asks of Congress this spring. Those asks might change over the coming months: vote yes or no…add this to legislation…increase funding in this way. But by getting media published now about the principles and priorities of the response, we will be ready for whatever happens on Capitol Hill.

Meeting directly with members of Congress, working with congressional staff, making calls, sending emails, and mobilizing others – all of it will be needed this year to shape the pandemic response. And all of it will be stronger with the media backing us up.

Tips for writing letters to the editor


Getting started

Members of Congress aren’t looking for form letters — they’re looking to really hear from their constituents. Make sure you tell them why you care. You can use one of our templates to get you started, but then make it your own.

Our online tool lets you submit in a few clicks, but your chances of success go way up if you submit your letter directly to your local newspaper. Not sure how? Check the “opinion” section of your local paper’s website — most have a form or an email address like “[email protected].”

Template: U.S. Pandemic Response

Template: Global Pandemic Response

Coronavirus & Poverty Messaging Advice

New to media work? Here are guides to get started:

Letters to the Editor | Op-eds | Editorials


Looking for help or someone to review a draft? Contact Jos Linn, [email protected].

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