Want to help shape future policy? The International Conference Election Track is here.

March 28, 2018

If you’ve been to the RESULTS International Conference, you know it’s the place to meet hundreds of other advocates from around the world, hone your advocacy skills, and bring your message straight to lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

But this year, we’re taking the conference to a whole new level.

The upcoming midterm elections are poised to dominate media coverage and the national conversation. What if you could build relationships with candidates early, learn how to make poverty a campaign issue, and master new skills to use at campaign events?

What if you are even considering running for office yourself and want to learn the ropes?

Now you can. The International Conference Election Track is here. It will include:

  • A special preconference session where RESULTS advocates share their experiences running for office (at both the local and national level) followed by a workshop where you’ll learn how to take the first steps towards launching your own campaign.
  • A media workshop focused on engaging editors and reporters in the months leading up to an election. Learn how to break through the noise and make RESULTS issues relevant during the election blitz.
  • A “bird dogging” workshop where you’ll learn the most effective way to get – and keep — a candidate’s attention at campaign events.
  • A high-level plenary on how to make poverty a front-and-center campaign issue.
  • A chance to hear from veteran journalists, former members of Congress, and those who’ve worked on political campaigns for both major parties.

The Election Track is open to all conference attendees. It’s an opportunity to apply everything we know about relationship building, non-partisanship, the power of constituents to shape policy – and do it all in the context of the midterms.

So what are you waiting for? Raise your voice. Help shape future policy. Register now.

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