Want to have some fun this weekend?

May 19, 2017
by Jos G. Linn, Grassroots Manager for U.S. Poverty Campaigns

Do you feel your weekends are devoid of fun? Have your Saturday and Sunday been relegated to yard work and grocery shopping? Are you longing for something more?

Well, I have the answer for you. Rather than jealously watch your Facebook friends plan weekend fun as you wait in line at Costco, why not save Medicaid instead? What could more exciting than protecting nursing home care for America’s seniors? What could be more fulfilling than making sure special needs children continue to get services in school? What could be more fun than ensuring 14 million low-income Americans keep their health coverage?

And if that wasn’t enough, we have a little extra incentive. Today, we hit the 180 mark for U.S. poverty media pieces in 2017. That’s only 20 pieces from tying last year’s number (for the whole year) and is only 64 from breaking our all-time record (243). At this pace I think you can break that record and hit 250 by the RESULTS International Conference. But only if you want to have fun.

Yes, I’m talking about saving Medicaid and helping break our media record. I know some of you may need to sit down to process that, so I’ll let it sink in for a minute…

But Jos, there’s having fun and there’s having too much fun. Won’t saving Medicaid make me feel too good? Can my heart and mind handle it? That’s the risk you take, so consult a physician if you’re worried about overdosing on feelings of empathy and accomplishment. They’re the leading causes of hope in America today.

So live a little this weekend and save Medicaid. Use our online media alert to send a letter to the editor to your local paper (or someone else’s local paper) telling Congress to protect this vital program (and share the fact you did it on social media).

Your weekend will thank you for it.

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