Turning Up the Heat on Nutrition (updated June 3)

May 20, 2013
by Crickett Nicovich, Senior Policy Associate

Memorial Day is around the corner, pools are opening nationwide, and soon the U.S. will be making its commitment at the Nutrition for Growth summit in the UK on June 8. But really, is it hot enough yet?

RESULTS has tested the temperature, and right now, the U.S. commitment to nutrition is only lukewarm. The U.S. has announced they are attending the nutrition summit before the G8, but they have not clearly indicated their plan to reach more mothers and children with nutrition specific interventions. We’ve got to turn up the heat and call for bolder actions to scale up nutrition from the Administration through Congressional support and through our work with the media.

Why Now? Timing is Everything

In a matter of weeks, the UK Government will host the first-ever global nutrition pledging event to mobilize new policy and financial commitments to fight malnutrition. This event presents a key opportunity for the U.S. to deepen its commitment to nutrition and enshrine it across all U.S. development, food security, and global health efforts.

In coalition with other advocacy and development organizations, RESULTS is asking for the U.S. to announce a package of commitments at the June 8 event including

  • A three-year pledge of $1.35 billion or $450 million annually for nutrition-specific programs;
  • A nutrition strategy with specific impact targets in the highest burden countries coordinated by a high level nutrition focal point; and
  • A monitoring, evaluation, and reporting framework and full and clear budget across nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive programs.

While the human and economic costs of under-nutrition are enormous, the solutions are basic, proven, and cost-effective. Nutrition programs — especially those that target women and children during the critical 1,000 day window from pregnancy to age 2 — offer the best returns on investments. Join RESULTS and take action to tip the scale from hunger to health by building awareness in your community and the heat on the administration to scale up global nutrition efforts.

When we write letters to the editor, Op-Eds, and editorials, and we get other grasstops and news outlets to raise their voices, we are able to build community buy-in and attention to our issues. Because of this, RESULTS’ goals for this campaign are 40 pieces of media including 10 op-eds and editorials. We have already been successful in getting media in Mississippi, Ohio, and Washington state. Where will we next see an editorial, op-ed, or a letter to the editor? Write your local paper today to build awareness in your community and the heat on the administration to scale up nutrition efforts. Let’s make it a scorcher out there!

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