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August 15, 2023
by Lesley Reed, Director of Donor Communications

I wasn’t the best candidate for a Friends and Family fundraiser. My husband worked as an underpaid special education assistant and went to grad school at night. I was disabled from injuries related to a car accident and raising our toddler. Life was stressful, and money was tight. But when a new friend invited me to a fundraiser being put on by our local RESULTS group, I was curious. And I found myself so moved by the stories those passionate RESULTS volunteers shared and by RESULTS’ mission that I decided to donate. I couldn’t give much, but I was assured that small monthly donations were valuable, so I signed up to donate $10 a month. 

That was 23 years ago, and I’ve been a monthly donor ever since. That fundraiser was also my entry into RESULTS: I became a volunteer, then a group leader, then joined staff. Thanks to those brave volunteers who shared their stories and asked for support, I found our incredible community and discovered a powerful way to make a difference.  

I share my story because fundraising for RESULTS both brings in critical financial support and can be a great way to introduce people to our mission to end poverty. By showing up, telling our stories, and inviting friends, colleagues, and family to give, we are offering them the opportunity to join us in making a real impact in the world.  

Your fall Friends and Family fundraiser ensures maximum impact in 2023 

This fall, you’re invited to share your passion for our work and fundraise for RESULTS as part of our Friends and Family Fundraising Campaign. While we’ve often held these campaigns in November, this year we’re encouraging participation earlier in the fall to help us meet our fundraising goals for RESULTS’ fiscal year, which ends September 30. If the timing is difficult, consider fundraising in October to help us kick off our new fiscal year. (And, of course, we value your support any time of the year!) 

You’ll find the resources you need to get started on our fundraising page, including a guide and a link to create your own online fundraiser and personalized giving page. With our online tool, you’ll be able to see a list of your donors while the tracking thermometer will let you watch progress toward your goal. Setting up a fundraising page is easy and can be done in a few minutes. Instructions are in the fundraising guide, which also includes tips, sample emails, and social media posts. We’re also sharing inspirational advice from seasoned RESULTS fundraisers on our blog

But first, let’s answer the question: Why do we ask for your support? 

Every $1 you raise helps create ~$2,000 worth of impact  

The donations we receive from you and your community are precious. Small or large, they add up and allow us to do our shared work. They: 

  • Support training, education, and resources for your advocacy. 
  • Bolster expansion efforts to build RESULTS groups in more congressional districts. 
  • Fund our work to elevate leaders in our network with lived experience of poverty, including in the Experts on Poverty program. 
  • Leverage and complement grants and other philanthropic funding.  
  • Provide flexibility for us to pioneer new approaches and innovate.  

And these donations have incredible leverage. Years ago, we calculated that every $1 of support helped to leverage $100 in U.S. funding for anti-poverty programs, but we now know the impact is exponentially larger.  

Since RESULTS was launched, our advocacy has helped to generate more than $200 billion in public investments in effective policies and programs. When we measure that against donor dollars, it turns out every $1 in support has helped to leverage roughly $2,000 worth of impact! 

So, remember, when you invite people to make a gift to RESULTS, you’re offering them the opportunity to amplify the impact of their money, which can change or save millions of lives.  

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