Take Part in Global Education Day of Action on December 10!

November 10, 2009
by Eric Harris, Grassroots Communications Coordinator, RESULTS

Reducing poverty, saving lives, and promoting a more stable, secure world doesn’t have to be a dream. Through universal education, we can make those dreams a reality, but unless we take swift action now, we’ll fall short of our goal of ensuring that every child has access to at least primary education by 2015.

Join the U.S. Chapter of the Global Campaign for Education (GCE) during the December 10 Day of Action to call and write to President Obama urging him to include $2 billion for the Global Fund for Education in his next budget (fiscal year 2011).

This Day of Action will allow all of us to not only reach out to the administration, but it will also help increase public awareness of the need for universal basic education and help people in the United States identify steps they can take to realize the goal of universal basic education by 2015. Through phone calls, petitions, and media outreach, we can send a message to the world that empowering active and healthy citizens, and building sustainable solutions to the greatest development challenges of our day is possible through global education. The quest to achieve quality education for all requires a strong international partnership to mobilize the resources required. The good news is that President Obama pledged $2 billion to a Global Fund for Education during his 2008 campaign, and we have an opportunity to make a difference.

GCE’s website has info on how you can take action: 

  1. Call the White House on December 10, and deliver the message that you support education for all and President Obama’s pledge to budget two billion dollars for the Global Fund for Education.

    White House switchboard number: (202) 456-1414

  2. Download the RESULTS-GCE petition (for individual signers)  (PDF), print 10 copies, and get them signed by your neighbors. Gear up so masses from your community to send in petitions and call the president on December 10. Learn how to speak about this issue with our November laser talk. Send them back to us and we’ll deliver them in bulk to the White House and members of Congress who have the power do the right thing on global education. Send signed flyers back to:

    RESULTS / RESULTS Educational Fund
    750 First Street NE Suite 1040
    Washington, DC 20002

  3. For friends that you can’t get to sign the petition in person and mail in, ask them to fill-out the online form (the hard copy is encouraged!)
  4. Sign up to get campaign updates and more information about how you can get involved!

For more information about the Day of Action on December 10, please get in touch with GCE associates Shayna Englin or Nikki Enfield at (202) 683-8465 or [email protected]. For RESULTS specific information, contact your regional coordinators or the RESULTS staff.

Learn more about what RESULTS actions you can take to help create a Global Fund for Education.

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