Support Haitian Relief Efforts

January 14, 2010
by Joanne Carter, Executive Director

As we are all painfully aware, Haiti has been devastated by an earthquake with massive loss of life, and destruction of already overburdened and under-resourced services and infrastructure. For those who want to make direct contributions to the relief and rebuilding efforts, two partner organizations in Haiti that we trust and respect immensely are on the front lines of the response and need your support now: Partners in Health, the medical organization founded by Paul Farmer, is on the front line of rescue and recovery efforts and will be critical to addressing the health crises in the aftermath of this disaster. Fonkoze, a full-service microfinance organization in Haiti, has been doing remarkable work to reach the very poor and has successfully helped families recover from prior natural disasters in Haiti. Please consider sending a donation to Haiti via either or both of these great organizations. Let’s help our brothers and sisters who are in need in Haiti. Thank you for all you do.

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