RESULTS Korea co-hosts RTEI side event for WEF 2015

June 15, 2015
by Sunnie Kim, National Manager of RESULTS Korea

This blog was cross-posted from RESULTS Korea.

The opportunity of WEF in Korea was a great one for RESULTS Korea.  As the national manager, the one representing RESULTS Korea, I attended the 4 preparatory meetings and got to meet the KoFid and spoke up at every opportunity.

RESULTS Korea held 4 E&A meetings about WEF and advocated for basic education.  (3 by Seoul Group and 1 by New Group formed by Ahreum)

Some results include

1 op-ed produced – first ever Korean language media piece produced on RESULTS issues.

One meeting with a secretary of ruling party member of National Assembly

Jung, Doo Eun – 3rd time elected.

One very positive letter from Kim, Sang Hee, opposition party’s member.of National Assembly.

RESULTS Korea is now recognized as a key member of Education related issues and has developed a positive relationships with World Vision, Esperanto Association and KoFid (Korea Civil Society Forum on International Development Cooperation).  – which is the umbrella group that deals with International Development in Korea.

About RTEI, RESULTS Korea co-hosted this event and certainly this was an opportunity to show up as a major stake holder of the Education promises.  There were 25 participants plus the 2 RESULTS US and 4 Korea members.

The discussion was engaging for all the participants and old relationships seemed to have solidified and new interests were developed.

As a child, my father got sick and all of a sudden I wasn’t able to go to school. So I know first hand what it is to have your future of possibilities and opportunities disappear.  So it was great to be able to participate and provide what I am able to so that the children of the world will not have to face that kind of despair.

All in all it was a true privilege to be a part of this worthwhile discussion and creating a brighter future.

Picture from April preparatory meeting for WEF 2015


Positive response from one of the members of National Assembly

Sunnie Kim, National Manager of RESULTS-Korea attending NGO Forum prior to WEF 2015

Group photo of those who attended the RTEI (Right To Education Index) Side event.

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