RESULTS 2017 Global Campaigns

February 7, 2017
by John Fawcett, Director, Global Policy & Advocacy

RESULTS has a long history of working with both parties in Congress to fight global poverty. Although 2017 is shaping up to be a tumultuous year in Washington, we are determined to protect and continue the progress we’ve made to advance global health, education, and economic opportunity for the world’s poorest communities. Our First 100 Days Campaign to support every RESULTS group to meet with their member of Congress will be an important part of our effort to build champions on the Hill. And seizing on the renewed interest in engaging in our democracy, our goal is for RESULTS Global groups to lead 500 advocacy workshops or outreach events in 2017 to build our grassroots movement.

Here’s what we look forward to working together on this year:

1. Protect and Advance Anti-Poverty Funding Priorities

Drawing on strong bipartisan support in Congress for effective health, nutrition, and education programs, RESULTS will work throughout the budget and appropriations process to protect and increase this funding. Funding priorities include fulfilling the U.S. pledge to the Global Fund and other resources to fight TB, funding to end preventable child deaths and stunting, and support for the Global Partnership for Education.

2. Pass the Reach Every Mother and Child Act

In 2016 RESULTS made tremendous progress in building support for the Reach Every Mother and Child Act, with a majority of the House and nearly one-third of the Senate cosponsoring the bill. RESULTS will work to support the reintroduction and passage of the Reach Act in 2017. The legislation would establish ending preventable maternal and child deaths as a priority for U.S. foreign assistance, and codify a number of reforms to increase the impact of the US Agency for International Development (USAID), including making permanent the position of Child and Maternal Survival Coordinator, and requiring programs to set and report progress on clear targets. This year, we’ll work to pass this legislation into law.

3. Fund the Global Partnership for Education

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) is the only multilateral fund dedicated solely to children’s education, bringing together a diverse set of partners to finance quality education plans in poor and conflict-affected countries. RESULTS has led efforts to mobilize U.S. resources for GPE, securing the first-ever contribution in 2010 and working with congressional allies to increase funding to $70 million annually. GPE will host a replenishment conference in late 2017 or early 2018, and RESULTS will work to secure an ambitious, multi-year funding pledge from the U.S. We’ll also work to pass the bipartisan Reinforcing Education Accountability in Development (READ) Act (formerly the Education for All Act) into law, which will improve the effectiveness of U.S. education assistance and coordination with GPE.

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