Reporting on Our New Year’s Resolution: RESULTS in All 50 States!

May 12, 2016
by Amanda Beals, Global Grassroots Expansion Manager

In January, as we were busy setting our New Year’s Resolutions, your RESULTS Global Expansion Team was eagerly envisioning where we want to be by the end of 2016 and setting our own bold goals for growing the RESULTS family. We set a challenging but achievable goal of having a RESULTS global group in all 50 states by the end of 2016. This meant hard work building new groups in 14 states over 12 months.

While many resolutions tend to be short lived, these are not goals that we have given up on. Through hard work, outreach, relationship building, and face time at high impact conferences, we’re happy to report we’re well on our way to making this happen!

Here’s a recap of what we’re celebrating as the halfway mark approaches and the exciting work we have ahead of us. You can help us meet these goals! Check out the opportunities below, reach out to your networks and invite them to be part of our movement to end poverty.

As we approach the middle of the year, RESULTS Global Expansion staff are supporting new groups or developing new leads in 9 of the 14 new target states.

New groups that have joined us in 2016 (bold = new state)

Global Expansion staff completed training and transitioned 4 new groups across the country: Oklahoma City, OK, Tulsa, OK, Gainesville, FL, and Manhattan, KS. To connect with these groups, contact Ken Patterson ([email protected]) or Lisa Marchal ([email protected]).

Groups in training and coming soon (bold = new state)

Global expansion staff are also actively training 7 new groups that will complete training and join their Regional network soon.

  • Amy Kazanegras, Global Health Organizer, is supporting the following groups: Allentown, PA, Orange County, CA, and Manchester, NH. Contact Amy ([email protected]) to get involved or introduce your friends.
  • Amanda Beals, Global Grassroots Expansion Manager, is currently training groups in Newark, DE, New Orleans, LA, and Flagstaff, AZ. Please let Amanda ([email protected]) know if you’d like to be part of any of these groups.
  • Ken Patterson, Director of Global Grassroots Advocacy, is training a new group in Charleston, SC, who would be happy to welcome new members. Ken ([email protected]) can help you connect with their local efforts.

Group starts and leads in progress (bold = new state)

Global expansion staff have group starts planned and new, promising advocates in 4 brand new states.  Help us make this successful by introducing your friends here to the opportunity to get involved!

  • Group start in Burlington, VT Saturday, May 14th at 2pm at the Peace and Justice Center, 60 Lake Street 1C Burlington, VT and outreach event in Brattleboro, VT Sunday, May 15th at 2pm at The Root Social Justice Center, 28 Williams Street. Contact Amanda Beals ([email protected]) for more information.
  • Group start in Philadelphia, PA, June 4th. Contact Amy Kazanegras ([email protected]) to RSVP and for more information.
  • New advocates are coming together in Laramie and Cheyenne, WY. Contact Veronica McDuffee ([email protected]) to connect with RESULTS Wyoming and help them move their work forward.
  • Activists are joining our work in Harper’s Ferry and Morgantown, WV. Contact Veronica McDuffee ([email protected]) to get connected here.
  • We have a small force growing in Little Rock and Fort Smith, Arkansas who would love to welcome more advocates to start a group soon. Please contact Amanda Beals ([email protected]) to learn how to connect in Arkansas!

States still left where we need your help!

With our work so far, we still have 5 states where we are not currently working with any advocates. Please take a look within your own network and if you know anyone in Hawaii, North Dakota, South Dakota, Maine, or Iowa invite them to a RESULTS Introductory Call or connect them with Amanda Beals ([email protected]), Global Grassroots Expansion Manager.

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