Remembering Rep. John Lewis

July 21, 2020
by Joanne Carter, Executive Director
Malala and John Lewis

(RESULTS, Rep. Lewis, and Malala meet in his Capitol Hill office)

The country lost a giant in the fight for civil rights, racial justice, and the end of poverty with the death of Rep. John Lewis this weekend.

The RESULTS community was lucky to learn from Rep. Lewis and work with him throughout his years in office, and we send our deepest condolences to his family, friends, staff, and colleagues. As this country continues to reckon with centuries of systemic racism and injustice, we’re committed to continuing the fight that Rep. Lewis led for so many years.

On top of his leadership on Capitol Hill and in the fight for racial justice, he was also tremendously responsive and generous with his constituents. RESULTS Atlanta volunteers knew that they could count on Rep. Lewis and his committed staff to lead the way on Capitol Hill. They felt at home in their advocacy in his office, knowing they were represented by a leader in the fight for justice.

RESULTS Georgia meets with John Lewis office

(RESULTS Georgia volunteers meeting with Rep. Lewis’ staff)

Rep. Lewis was a champion against poverty, whether it was his early support for the global fight against HIV/AIDS in the 2000s, pushing for annual increases in investment in global health and education, championing U.S. anti-poverty policies and programs, or his leadership role in expanding tax credits for low-income workers. In so many ways, the country and world are a better place because of him.

On behalf of the entire RESULTS family, we are so deeply grateful to Congressman Lewis and the mark he’s left on each of us and on the world. We’re committed to fighting for a future that is worthy of his legacy.

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