Reclaiming Our Democracy Book Party a Hit

September 23, 2013
by Ken Patterson

Over 300 activists from the US and Canada joined Joanne Carter, Sam Daley-Harris, and Dr. Muhammad Yunus on Saturday September 21 for a conversation about what makes RESULTS work. Joanne Carter gave a brillant review of some of RESULTS' successes and what makes the organization and how we work different. Sam Daley-Harris pulled some key nuggets from the book, helping demystify change for listeners and challenging them be become more. Dr. Muhammad Yunus described how RESULTS helped him popularize his ideas and work, and why the model is still relevant today. Check out the transcript of the call

Sam will be touring the US over the coming months, talking about Reclaiming Our Democracy, and challeging people to get involved beyond mouse click activism. You can see his tour schedule here. You can order a copy of the book on Barnes and Noble websites, or get your local bookstore to carry it. When people read the book, they understand RESULTS–how's that for outreach?


Here is an interview Sam recently did on Uprising radio highlighting the journey of RESULTS: