Our Own First 100 Days

May 1, 2017
by Joanne Carter, Executive Director

In the first hundred days of the new administration and Congress, we challenged our volunteer advocates to meet with their members of Congress in every corner of the country — from Omaha to Albuquerque, Fargo to Louisville — to help set the upcoming agenda and fight back against harmful policies.

To say they delivered would be an understatement.

Since we launched our First 100 Days Campaign, RESULTS advocates have had over 100 face-to-face meetings with members of Congress, and 200 more with congressional aides. That’s more than three meetings per day. On top of that, they’ve published 300 pieces of media — almost half of last year’s record-breaking total in four short months.

Even before the White House released its dangerous proposal to slash funding for global anti-poverty programs, our volunteers were meeting with members of Congress — who ultimately determine the budget — to shore up support for these life-saving and life-changing investments.

When a health care proposal threatened to decimate Medicaid and leave 24 million Americans without coverage, we reached Congress in critical districts and generated media in 42 states. We helped win that first battle on health care, which just a few months ago no one thought possible.

But our work is far from over. We’re staring down new attacks on health care, possibly as soon as this week, and new tax proposals that would increase inequality. Battles over the budget are looming, with potential consequences for millions of people around the world. We must continue to face these threats with everything we have.

And we need to continue to set a proactive agenda, too. Congress needs to hear from us that any changes to the tax code must address wealth inequality, not worsen it, and protect core anti-poverty programs. They need to know that we’re not content to just stop funding cuts in the global fight against poverty — instead we must remain ambitious and step up our commitments.

These are challenging times — and we should be clear-eyed about the many fights ahead — but I’ve never been more proud of RESULTS advocates than I am right now. Keep up this incredibly important work.

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