Media Gurus for the Global Fund (updated Feb 27)

February 3, 2012
by Crickett Nicovich, Outreach and Advocacy Associate

Everyone knows that knowledge is power. In the grassroots, RESULTS has some mighty knowledgeable people who are using their powerful influencing and writing skills for good. I like to call them our Media Gurus. When these fine folks put ink to paper, they build awareness in their communities, influence their decision makers, and often they change the conversation. Their actions with the media create the space for better policies and financial commitments to be made to impact poverty in the world.

Over the past week, these Gurus for Good have raised the profile of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria and have called on the United States to fulfill its $4 billion, three year pledge to the life-saving fund. They are also changing the conversation.

Just two short months ago, the Global Fund’s board halted any new funding until 2014 because delinquent donors, including the U.S., had not upheld their pledges. After ten years of successes and millions of lives saved, the Global Fund leads the response against the diseases of poverty, but underfunding required scaling back, even as science was saying the end of AIDS could be achieved by scaling up. Armed with information, the Media Gurus responded by calling for an emergency donor meeting for the Global Fund. They have inspired editorials in Utah and Op-Eds in Connecticut and New Jersey and have skillfully written responses to news with many letters to the editors.

Other civil society partners are joining the call! TB-HIV activists in other countries are echoing the message! The media actions are working! Politicians in other countries are also calling for their governments to redouble their commitment to the Fund. 

With the momentum gaining… we can’t stop now! Send the editors of your paper’s editorial page the current editorial packet and call on them to write on the issue. Respond to articles using the Global Action Sheet. We need more powerful Gurus for Good like you in action.

Check out the press that’s begin to pour in! Below is a growing compilation of media generated not only by our own grassroots but by RESULTS staffers and other allies. As always, be sure to send the media you get in print in to both your MOCs and RESULTS Communications Director, Blair Hinderliter.

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Editorials

1.      Deseret News; Salt Lake City, Utah; USA (January 21)
2.      The Boston Globe; Boston, Massachusetts; USA (January 22)
3.      Detroit Free Press; Detroit, Michigan; USA (February 4)


1.      CT Post; Stamford, Connecticut; USA; Sandra Eagle (January 26)
2.      The Trenton Times, Trenton, New Jersey; USA; Phyllis AlRoy (January 28)
3.      The New York Times; New York, NY; USA; Paul Farmer (February 1)
4.      The News of Cumberland County, New Jersey, USA; Phyllis AlRoy (February 1)
5.      Tampa Bay Times; Tampa, Florida; USA; Ken Schatz (February 6)
6.      The Herald-Sun; Durhan, North Carolina; USA; LisaCaitlin Hess (February 7)
7.      The Miami Herald; Miami, Florida; USA; Carla M. Barrow (February 10)
8.      Houston Chronicle; Houston, Texas; USA; David Schubert (February 15)
9.      The Austin American-Statesman; Austin, Texas; USA; Dr. Jeffrey R. Starke (February 22)
10.   The Burlington County Times, New Jersey; USA; Phyllis AlRoy (February 23)

Letters to the Editor

1.      The Kitsap Sun; Bremerton, Washington; USA; Donna Munro (January 18)
2.      The News Tribune; Port Orchard, Washington; USA; Marty L. Bishop (January 19)
3.      ABQ Journal; Albuquerqie, New Mexico; USA; Andrea Kendall (January 20)
4.      The Herald-Sun; Durham, North Carolina; USA; Monica Jolles (January 26)
5.      The Kitsap Sun; Olalla, Washington; USA; Beth Wilson (January 26)
6.      The Clarion-Ledger; Starkville, Mississippi; USA; Crickett Nicovich (January 26)
7.      Citizen-Times; Asheville, North Carolina; USA; Darrah Noble (January 27)
8.      The Guardian; London, UK; Andrew George, Jeremy Lefroy, Pamela Nash (January 27)
9.      Daily Stika Sentinel; Stika, Alaska; USA; Stika RESULTS (January 27)
10.   The Trenton Times; Trenton, New Jersey; USA; Marc Tolo (January 31)
11.   The Seattle Times; Seattle, Washington, USA; Bob Dickerson (January 31)
12.   The Seattle Times; Bothell, Washington, USA; Ronald B. Borovec (January 31)
13.   Detroit Free Press; Rochester, Michigan; USA; Sylvia Lewis (February 14)
14.   The Miami Herald; Miami Beach, Florida; USA; Linda Horkitz (February 26)


1.      Snohomish Tribune; USA; Michael Whitney (January 11)
2.      The New York Times; New York, NY; USA; Donald G. McNeil Jr. (January 24)
3.      The Washington Post; Washington, DC; USA (January 24)
4.      News Blaze; Washington, DC; USA (January 25)
5.      Africa Business; Africa (January 25)
6.      Star Observer; New South Wales, Australia (January 26)
7.      Voice of America; USA; Joe DeCapua (January 27)
8.      News-Medical; Sydney; Australia (January 27)
9.      The Age; Melbourne, Australia; David Wroe (January 27)
10.   The Sydney Morning Herald; Sydney, Australia; David Wroe (January 27)
11.   Pro Bono News; Australia (January 27)
12.   The Wall Street Journal; New York, NY; USA; Betsy McKay (January 30)
13.   The Guardian; London, UK; Annie Kelly (February 2)
14.   The Guardian; London, UK; Alice Klein (February 2)


1.      Princess of Africa Foundation; Davos, Switzerland (January 25)
2.      The Guardian; London, UK; Sarah Boseley (January 26)
3.      The Huffington Post; Washington, DC; USA (January 27)
4.      ACTION; Washington, DC; USA (January 27)
5.      Entwicklungspolitikonline; Berlin, Germany; (January 28)
6.      ACTION; Washington, DC; USA (January 30)

Press Releases/Statements

1.      RESULTS International; Australia (January 27)
2.      Pressrelations; Berlin, Germany (January 27)
3.      Action against AIDS Germany; Berlin, Germany (January 27)
4.      SPD Parliamentary Group for Economic Cooperation and Development; Germany (January 28)
5.      Greens/Alliance90 Party; Germany (January 28)
6.      MP Dirk Niebel, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development; Germany (January 28)
7.      Radio Clip (February 6)

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