Let's build our movement and make our #LettersGetLOUD

February 9, 2018
by Joanne Carter, Executive Director

In a fraught political moment, how do we grow our movement? How do we have even more impact? How do we get more people taking bold action, working together to end poverty?

We’re thrilled to launch #LettersGetLOUD, an organizing campaign to help do all of that.

It starts with mobilizing our communities to write powerful, personal letters to members of Congress. But we won’t be dropping these letters in the mail. RESULTS advocates will personally deliver letters to lawmakers and stay to discuss the issues face-to-face, asking them to take action on programs and legislation we care about. In some places it will be the start of a new relationship, and others will build on years of advocacy. Most importantly, it will pull new people into our movement, helping propel your powerful advocacy into the future.

It’s an opportunity to inspire more members of your community to get involved. It’s an opportunity to organize and expand our work in this unprecedented political moment. It’s an opportunity to show that despite the cacophony of noise coming out of Washington, advocacy does work and we can get things done.

Lawmakers need to hear how the policies hashed out in the halls of Congress affect real people across the country. We’ve seen how personal stories can change the dynamic with members of Congress. Every story, anecdote and personal experience has its own potency – and we need even more people sharing them not just today, but for years to come. Let’s make our #LettersGetLOUD!

Join me, and let’s build our movement together.

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