Let Us See The Great Work You're Doing

June 10, 2014
by Jay Carroll, U.S. Poverty Campaign Intern

Although I have only been an intern at RESULTS for one week, I can tell you all that I have learned a lot in the last seven days. With no prior experience in advocacy, I did not know that so many people were out there doing this great work to end poverty. That’s why I’d like to know, what is the change that you wish to create in the world?

With the International Conference quickly approaching, we ask that RESULTS advocates send us photos that we can showcase in a slideshow to start the conference. Why? We want others to know that what we do is important and we take great pride in doing it. We want to showcase how our RESULTS Activists build the power to end poverty. We look forward to seeing you at the International Conference.

We want you to complete the sentence, “The change I want to create in the world is…” Hold a sign explaining the change that you wish to create in the world or include your answer, and a photo, in an e-mail to us. Horizontal photos are preferred. Please send your pictures to [email protected] by June 17. Here are a couple of great examples of what we’ve received so far:


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