Keep Telling the Stories: Re-inspired To Continue The Fight Against Poverty

July 10, 2012
by Lisa Marchal, Global Grassroots Associate

A couple of weeks, ago, the power of what RESULTS is accomplishing hit me in fresh ways.

I had the wonderful opportunity to represent RESULTS at the National TB Controllers workshop in Atlanta. TB experts from across the country and around the world gathered to talk about best practices for diagnosing, controlling, and ultimately eliminating TB. As part of the workshop’s opening session, I had the privilege of co-presenting next to Rachel Orduno and Jigna Rao, powerful women who are year-round TB advocates having come through personal experiences with the disease. We were accompanied by Natalie Nelson who, through a pre-taped video, told her story of survival with great heart as well.

Our session was a hit, and our exhibition table was met with great enthusiasm as workshop attendees told me how excited they were to know of RESULTS advocates who were at work around the country. One clinician made a particularly strong impression as she told me of how patients can quite inadvertently become numbers; through the power of our storytelling, we reminded the crowd that people, and the stories of their lives, are behind those numbers.

The next week, I was in a meeting with opinion writer from the Indianapolis Star, my local paper. As fellow advocate Deanna Roberts-Blair and I made our case for the publishing of a child survival editorial, we were met with keen interest and perceptive questions. As we departed this very collegial meeting, Dan Carpenter, the writer, told us to keep telling the stories.

Keep telling the stories.  That’s exactly what we intend to do until preventable poverty is a thing of the past.

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