Happy Giving Tuesday

December 3, 2013
by Luwiza Makukula

Luwiza Makuk

Happy Giving Tuesday!

I would like to join you, my RESULTS friends in the U.S., as you celebrate a season of giving thanks for our many blessings.

Link to Joann’s Annual AppealI am grateful for you and your tireless advocacy on behalf of the Global Fund to Fights AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Without the Global Fund, I would not be here. Many of my fellow Zambians would not be here. Millions and millions of children, mothers, and fathers around the world would not be here.

But the Global Fund would not be here without you. You have the passion and courage to speak out and support RESULTS with your time and resources.

This year, I traveled throughout the U.S. meeting with RESULTS advocates and donors. I also met with members of Congress, newspapers, and your friends to share my story. Many people have read that the Global Fund saves 100,000 lives per month. But for me, the Global Fund is not about a statistic — it is about my life: as a survivor, a proud mother, a passionate advocate, and a strong Zambian role model.

Between 2001-2002, I lost my husband and two brothers to HIV/AIDS, and then I was diagnosed with HIV and tuberculosis (TB). TB is the biggest killer of people living with HIV/AIDS because it attacks our already weakened immune system. I was lucky because my whole family contributed to pay for the drugs that kept me alive, yet so many others were not so fortunate. I knew the financial burden would soon take its toll on my family. But then — thanks to your advocacy — the Global Fund came to Zambia and supported the free distribution of our life-saving medicine. Global Fund financing currently supports 520,000 Zambians receiving HIV/AIDs treatment.  I now work in Zambia building awareness and understanding for people living with AIDS, TB, and malaria and ensuring my government does all it can to build a strong, healthy future for our people.

Today is another special day: The world's donor countries are meeting in Washington, DC to decide the funding fate of the Global Fund. We already have exciting news to celebrate: President Obama announced that the U.S. will contribute up to $5 billion over three years by donating $1 for every $2 pledge by other governments. This historic pledge is thanks to your tireless work for over a decade!

As your government renews its pledge to the Global Fund, I hope you can take part by renewing your support of RESULTS by watch this four minute interview to learn more about Luwiza and her work.

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