Great News from DC

August 31, 2016
by John Paul Fawcett, Director, Global Policy and Advocacy

You did it! Great news from Washington: earlier this afternoon, the U.S. pledged to invest up to $4.3 billion in the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria over the next three years.

This is exactly what we’ve been asking for from the White House.

Thanks to your tireless advocacy, we just took a critical step toward the end of these epidemics.

National Security Advisor Susan Rice announced the U.S. will match one dollar for every two dollars pledged by other donors to the Global Fund. The announcement comes two weeks before world leaders gather in Montreal to make additional commitments. The U.S. match can help inspire other donors to come to the table, ready to help the Global Fund reach its full $13 billion target.

It’s hard to overstate your role in this success. At our June conference, you helped build deep, bipartisan congressional support, and this summer you’ve generated media on the Global Fund in every corner of the country (just a few hours ago, our volunteers in Minnesota wrapped up meetings with the two biggest newspapers in the state!).

But your role in today’s win goes back even further: for fifteen years, you’ve fought for U.S. investment in the Global Fund, generating support from hundreds of members of Congress and publishing over 1,000 pieces of media. We couldn’t have gotten to where we are today without you.

Of course we’re not done yet — there’s still work to do to reach the full $13 billion target next month, setting the Global Fund’s partners on track to save 8 million more lives by 2019. We’re working closely with our partners across the globe to make sure that happens. More importantly, even when we hit $13 billion, we need to stay focused on the work that remains to end these epidemics for good.

After the meeting in Montreal in a couple of weeks, we’ll have more to share. But right now, take a minute to celebrate your amazing accomplishment. Your work is changing the world.

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