Grassroots Spotlight: Karyne Bury

February 20, 2020
by Karyne Bury, Miami, FL

Five years ago, I was sitting at home, feeling like I had no way of making change with my members of Congress. I was frustrated. I wanted to open up their perspectives and have conversations with them about issues I care about, particularly social justice and education.

My mom, a retired pediatrician, had just joined the RESULTS Miami group on an invitation from a friend and former colleague. I joined her for my first RESULTS International Conference in 2016. I have since been to three and look forward to my fourth conference this year! At the conference, I was inspired and energized by the power of everyday citizens; diverse, passionate and united to end poverty. 2016 was my year of “Yes!” I didn’t know much about RESULTS – what I did know was that I wanted an outlet to voice my thoughts, to learn and to take action to make our community and the world a better place.

At the conference, I was deeply moved by the power that we have to speak to our representatives. On the last day of the conference, we all headed to Capitol Hill to meet with our members of Congress and their staff. It was an opportunity to let them know that we, their constituents – whether we voted for them or not – will actively work with them as allies in the fight against poverty.

I’m very proud to say that now I can speak to members of Congress on both sides of the aisle. And I’m proud to see RESULTS tackle issues like racial inequality, housing, nutrition, education, and healthcare. These are very important conversations that we should be having around the country. I’m glad that those conversations are being had each year at the conference and that we’re able to share our knowledge when we go back to our communities.

I’m in awe of the power of our collective voices to make change on very critical issues around the world, both the United States and at the global level. Come to the RESULTS International Conference this year and see that power in action. You can be a part of the change!


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