Global Fund Media Will Create Political Will

September 8, 2010
by Ken Patterson

Global Fund Media Hooks

  • Any Stand Up event going on in your community to educate folks about the MDGs, even if you aren’t the sponsor, can be a local hook.
  • Your representative signing on to the Barbara Lee letter, plus other representative from your state signing on can be a local hook.
  • Your representative not signing on to the Lee letter—why didn’t he/she support the Global Fund when we know it’s cost effective, saves lives, and is a model of good development?
  • Your local RESULTS group—offer to provide a quote about why this moment is so important, why investing in the Global Fund makes us more secure.
  • Does your community have connections to international development or global health? Will investing in the Global Fund will also benefit your local economy as was pointed out in the Durham editorial?
  • Recent TB cases in your community—link them to the need to control MDR-TB globally.
  • Recent action sheet (Word) is focused on writing a letter to the editor (LTE) on the need for the U.S. to support the funding replenishment of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. Take this action today and share it with your friends and community.

    Use this this editorial packet available that you can share with your local paper’s editor to explain the issue to them and give them the resources so they can write their own editorial.

    Other Resources:

    • Winstone Zulu speak about the powerful impact of the Global Fund in Zambia and Africa. (Winstone is introduced at the 5:20 mark.)
    • August laser talk on pitching an editorial about the Global Fund to your local media outlet.
    • New UNF documentary that captures direct-impact stories of Global Fund success. Watch the video today.
    • Visit the “Here I Am” campaign website to read and listen to the stories of the people who are alive today because of the Global Fund.
    • BBC story on disappointment over the Obama administration’s response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
    • More stories related to how critical it is to fund the Global Fund.

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